1. Viparabclub offers self-exclusion facilities for those customers who wish to restrict their gambling activities with Viparabclub. The following self-protection mechanisms are available and can be entered via the responsible gaming link in the footer of the website:

1.1. Self-exclusion

1.2. Cool down period

1.3. Set financial limits on wagers and losses

1.4. Set limits on session time

2. By entering into a self-exclusion agreement with Viparabclub, the player will be prevented from using his/her account for a definite or indefinite period. During this period of self-exclusion Viparabclub will not distribute any promotions.

3. If the player needs a break from gambling at Viparabclub he/she can ask for a cool down period. Once the player has requested a cool down period, he/she will receive a confirmation from Viparabclub within 48 hours. In all cases, the player’s request will be complied with as soon as it is acknowledged by Viparabclub

4. The player may also choose to impose a ceiling on the maximum wagers and losses he/she may make/incur.

5. The player may also choose to impose a time limit per session.

6. In the event that the player manually adjusts, or requests an adjustment to, his or her limits (including limits on losses, wagers and deposits) or a period of self-exclusion:

6.1. New limits that are stricter than those previously imposed, or an extension of a period of self-exclusion, will take effect immediately from the time of adjustment.

6.2. New limits that are more lenient than those previously imposed will only take effect after a seven-day cool down period from the time of adjustment.

6.3. A period of self-exclusion shall only be shortened after a seven –day cool down period, unless the existing self-exclusion period is due to end within that seven-day timeframe, in which case it shall remain unaltered.

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