Support Services at Arabic Online Casinos - How to Contact Support Agents 

Visiting land-based casinos is always a great experience as nothing beats the ambience of real gambling halls and the quality of service in high-end gambling establishments. Today, however, many Arabic gambling enthusiasts prefer the convenience offered by online casinos. From huge gaming collections, bonuses and loyalty programs to tournaments with their large prize pools and mobile compatibility, Arabic iGaming platforms have a lot to boast about. When choosing an online casino, we consider many factors, including games, providers, license, list of supported payment methods and bonus offers. However, many players neglect such an important aspect as the quality of service. 

There are many cases where new - and even experienced - players need help from support specialists. For example, some of the terms and conditions of bonus promotions need clarification. Besides, like everything in this world, any iGaming platform is not perfect, so any player may encounter some problems. For example, the lion's share of requests sent to the support team concerns financial transactions. Let's say you think you've met the bonus wagering requirements in full, but you can't withdraw your winnings. The second common problem is the lack of a convenient payment method in the list of supported ones. The list of such examples of problems may be almost endless. However, most of the issues are solved by support specialists. Below we'll tell you why the online casino support team is so important.


Creating your account on VIPARABCLUB is an easy and fast process:

  • Click on the "Join" button at the top right of the screen and complete the registration in two steps.
  • After finishing the registration process, you will receive an activation email at the email address you used to open an account.
  • Activate your account by clicking on the link received to your email address.
  • In the case you did not receive the activation link by email, contact our customer support immediately. Our team will be happy to help you activate your account.

Phone: +44 7480485591
Email: [email protected]
Use the live chat directly on

VIPARABCLUB offers you a free signup bonus (no deposit necessary), upon opening your account. Our support team will contact you within 48 hours after your registration to offer you your free bonus. You have no time to wait?  Do not hesitate to claim your bonus by contacting our support team right after the activation of your account. 

VIPARABCLUB does not put any limitations or restrictions on the deposit amount, as long as your account and credit card(s) are verified. The minimum deposit amount is USD 50.  If your account and credit card(s) are not verified, you will be able to deposit a maximum of USD 500. If your account and credit card(s) are verified, the USD 500 deposit limit will be lifted. Please check how to verify your account in the “Account Verification” section.

It’s commonly said that knowledge is power, and it goes well when it comes to the chances of winning slot machines. If you follow some experts’ tips and techniques to bring the odds to your end, you won’t have to depend on your luck or chance anymore. 

During the registration process, make sure not to skip any steps and to enter only Latin characters in all fields. You must enter an email address and a phone number to open your account. Make sure to use an email address and a phone number that you personally own. All other required fields must be filled carefully. If you have any questions or issues while creating your account, contact our customer support: 
Phone: +44 7480485591
Email: [email protected]
Use the live chat directly on

A welcome bonus is waiting for you upon your first deposit on VIPARABCLUB. Check the promotion page to know more about the terms and conditions of this bonus (link to promotions page).

VIPARABCLUB applies a wagering ranging from X1 to X50; depending on to the promotion. Wagering on all games at VIPARABCLUB casino contributes towards the wagering requirements but certain games contribute greater amounts than others. The following is a list of contributions towards wagering requirements for each individual game type.

Game Contribution:

  • Video Slots & Slots, Scratch card, Keno, Race, Arcade, Dice and all other games: 100%.
  • All versions of Roulette, Pai Gow Poker, Caribbean Poker, Triple Card Poker & Poker table games: 10%.
  • All versions of Blackjack,  Live Casino games, Hi-Lo, Video Poker, Power Video Poker & Baccarat: 10%.
  • Craps: 10%.


Wager $500 on Video Slots, the entire $500 (100%) contributes towards the wagering requirements.
Wager $500 on Live  Roulette, $50 (10%) contributes towards the wagering requirements.

Withdrawal amount limits range from USD 1000 to USD 40000 per week. The withdrawal process varies depending on user’s VIP membership level. Please keep in mind that your first withdrawal will be limited to USD 2500 and will take a few days longer, due to the validation process. The casino needs to verify your identity before paying out your winnings. Making sure your money reaches your account safely is top priority for VIPARABCLUB.

Please contact our customer support to know more about your account's withdrawal limits or refer to the Terms and conditions , section : "withdrawals"

In the Middle East and Gulf countries, you are required to provide the following:

  • Account holder's name
  • Home address
  • Country
  • Bank name
  • Swift code 
  • Bank account number (account number or IBAN - The IBAN or International Bank Account Number is a series of alphanumeric characters that constitutes a unique identifier of an account held in a Bank anywhere in the World).

Please upload an extract of your bank statement via “My Account” – “Documents”, as well as a proof of address in order for VIPARABCLUB to validate and process your withdrawal.

Possible Complaints Regarding Arab Online Casinos and Ways to Resolve Them

Have you ever had any problems playing at an Arabic online casino? If you have any questions about how a game or bonus works, or if you want to find out why your winnings aren't being withdrawn, you can always contact the support team. Any reputable Arabic online casino has a support section with experts available through multiple channels. So, here are 3 steps you need to follow in order to resolve problems with online casinos. 

Go to the Help Center Section

To contact support agents, the first thing you should do is go to the homepage of the casino website. Notably, many Arabic iGaming platforms make the help center available even to unregistered players. Otherwise, sign up with the casino to have access to support specialists. Under the Help Center section, you'll find contact details for getting in touch with support agents. You should have access to live chat as a minimum. Email support and an online casino hotline number may also be available to you. 

Select the Support Agent Contact Method

As mentioned above, you will be offered several ways of contacting the support staff. Here are the main features of each method:

  • Live chat. This is a chat room built into the casino website. To open it, click the appropriate button. Availability 24 hours a day is the key advantage of this contact method.
  • Email. Generally, email is used to send official requests and complaints. Some online casinos offer a convenient form for sending emails without having to use your email service.
  • Telephone hotline. This method also allows you to contact support specialists quickly. However, it is only available during business hours. In addition, some online casinos provide you with live chat and email support only. 

In some cases, response time is important. To get your request answered quickly, we recommend using live chat as a method of contacting online casino support agents. 

Getting a Solution to a Problem

Now that you have chosen a contact method, try to be succinct and concise about your issue. Be prepared to provide your account details, a screenshot of the problem and some other information or documents. The first thing the support team will do is request confirmation of your identity. If you have trouble with the first withdrawal, keep in mind that it might take longer for the first cashout than for the next ones. Also, you may not have met the wagering requirements for the active promotion in full. A lot of Arabic casinos have a FAQ, so check it out before you contact support. 

4 Reasons Why Support is Important

The online gambling industry is a huge market with a turnover of about $80 billion. And casinos catering to Arab players are a significant part of the industry. The pandemic has changed the daily lives of many people, including gambling enthusiasts who preferred to play at land-based gambling houses. Many Arabic gamblers have switched to online casino games and have already experienced the indisputable benefits of online gambling. Since any reliable Arabic online casino caters to thousands of players every day, the quality of customer service is of the utmost importance. Excellent customer support forms an overall positive image of the iGaming platform and is one of the most important factors that keep players coming back to the website time and time again. Moreover, there are several other reasons why having good customer service is important for Arabic online casinos:

  • A sense of security. Every player wants to feel confident in the online casino website they choose. Knowing that you can get help from qualified professionals at any time of the day or night adds to the confidence of Arab players. What's more, customer service is something closely related to security. No Arabic gambling enthusiast wants to be cheated, which is why the really reliable Arabic online casinos have a help center section.
  • Prevent problems from escalating. Deposit and withdrawal problems are the most common ones at online casinos. Often, various failures occur through no fault of the operator, but it should handle questions and complaints of its users quickly. If the problem is left to its own devices, the online casino's credibility is greatly diminished. Negative experiences with the iGaming platform will result in negative feedback, which in turn will deprive the operator of getting new users.
  • Turning newcomers into returning customers. Modern online casinos are multi-functional websites with a multitude of services and tools. The sheer number of interface elements can confuse inexperienced players. To understand unknown functions, newcomers contact the support team. If it takes them too long (or not at all) to get an answer, they are likely to leave for a competitor.
  • An FAQ section cannot replace live support specialists. Although the lion's share of user requests is of the same type, there are some out-of-the-box questions which can't be answered in the FAQ section. In addition, no matter how informative the FAQ section is, there's no substitute for talking to a live support specialist. 

So, quality player support is an important asset for any reliable iGaming platform. It is essential that the support staff speak several languages. For example, VipArabClub is one of the most popular Arabic online casinos with a multilingual help center. In addition, it's crucial that user queries are handled quickly. When choosing a gambling website, check player reviews to see how quickly the support team handles user requests. If the support team responds too slowly or even ignores user queries, then you should choose another place for online gambling entertainment.

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