VIPArabClub Online Casino –About Us

The pioneer of online gaming, VIPArabClub is an iconic website for live-dealing table games that came to mark the world back in 2014. We believe in giving the gamblers the best experience and luxuries to make their dreams of winning the jackpots come true. The hospitality shown to the clients at VIPArabClub online casino through personalized support and diligence is unrivaled. 

The most important thing required for playing these betting games is confidentiality and trust –that’s where VIPArabClub stands on the top. With the latest and most exciting versions of Online Poker, Live Roulette, Online Blackjack, and many other online table games, we’re here to satiate gambler’s thirst. 

Our Vision at VIPArabClub

When you narrow down your choices and targets, you better focus on those narrowed choices and give your 100% into it. That’s the vision of VIPArabClub –we don’t serve the global clientele like all other live casinos. We aim to provide an outclass gaming experience by meeting the demands of gamesters who are searching for trustworthy platforms. 

We target only the Arab-speaking gulf and Middle Eastern population and are fully equipped with technology and tools that are favorable for our clients. The fully Arabic website and app, Live Arabic games, and personalized live support in Arabic via Email or phone are perfect depictions of how we’re devoted to our target population. 

Today, we proudly claim that VIPArabClub is the only live casino that’s been entirely devoted to Middle Eastern Clients –thanks to the endless efforts by our team of diligent professionals. 

What Makes VIPArabClub Unique? 

Apart from being the only Middle East-based best online casino, there’s something else that’s the reason behind the incredible limelight of VIPArabClub. You might be curious to know! The unique bilingual website offers Personalized VIP Support to build a close relationship with every client. Whether you’re an English speaker or an Arabic speaker, our professionals will approach you the way you want –it can be a live call, chat, or an email. 

With the very personal relationship between our live casino dealers and clients, we try to work around and deal with all the matters our customers might face. Want to know more? The more dedicated you become, the more games you play with us; we assign a personal account manager to care for all our devoted clientele’s queries and issues. 

Games Offered at VIPArabClub –The Reason Behind Our Unrivaled Success

Who doesn’t love playing their luck with little investment and winning incredible jackpots? That’s what VIPArabClub believes in! With the latest technological advancement, we transformed physical casinos into a whole virtual experience.

  • Live Online Casino 

There’s no comparison of a physically immersive casino environment with gamblers giggling all around, deep music reflecting the walls to fire up the excitement, and competitive attitudes. VIPArabClub has designed an environment similar to the land-based casinos to ensure their clients get a world-class experience. 

It has filled the gap between the luxuries offered at real casinos and technological advances in virtual ones.

  • Live Roulette at VIPArabClub 

VIPArabClub offers the three most common variants of Online Roulette –European, American, and French, each with its twists and turning points. With an increased diversity of roulette, there are so many variations of this game present today. Then what makes playing online roulette at VIPArabClub special? 

We provide an exciting experience where you don’t need any investment to start your gameplay. If you’re a newbie in the world of a complicated game, roulette, there’s no need to take risks by investing any money when you’re not competent enough to win. You can simply play the game for countless hours just for fun. If there’s no fear of losing your money, then what are you waiting for? Get started right now! 

Once you try the free online roulette games, if you feel adventurous, you can step ahead and start playing for the real money –the jackpot!

  • Live Blackjack at VIPArabClub 

A casino is not a casino unless it has at least one blackjack table! How can VIPArabClub miss such a special and widely-played table betting game? Playing blackjack online has a single motif –you can win a lot of money by just having some maneuvering skills. We believe that, after skills, the right online platform is the most crucial thing that must entertain you to the fullest to achieve your goal of winning a jackpot. 

VIPArabClub isn’t an exception to such a platform –there are enormous blackjack variants offered to satiate the thirst of gambling aficionados. From the highly renowned VIP blackjack, Turkish blackjack, Classic blackjack to Rumba, Italian, and Mambo versions, we introduced many exciting blackjacks with different twists and tricks. 

Moving up to a little higher level, our Live Blackjack Gold 3 has some exclusive features and deals –you won’t regret playing that ever!

  • Live Poker at VIPArabClub 

Believe it or not, Poker is the table-betting game with the highest number of players around the world today. If people have this much love and devotion for this game, how can we not take care of our clientele by missing out on this one? VIPArabClub added the thrill into betting and desire to win money into the Poker to attract the amateurs, specialists, beginners, and weekend players. 

We have the most diverse clients for online Poker, from doctors, lawyers, professionals, university students, and entrepreneurs. Providing you with the best opportunity to interact and play with different people –that’s the aim of VIPArabClub to unite the gamesters to share their common interests.

  • The Online Slots Adventure 

Once you land at VIPArabClub, you enter a world of never-ending adventures, gameplays, and fun. We have the world’s largest slot adventure to let you immerse deep down in the fascination of the Amazonian Jungle by enjoying the Free Slots. We take care of your playing pleasure –no need to get into the processes of registering or investing money. Come and play any online game and have fun at VIPArabClub! 

Online Slots are way better than the casinos because the probability of winning or losing a game entirely depends on your luck. These games have no hard and fast rules, no learning strategies, and don’t require strenuous training to win the battle. We are offering:

  1. Video Slots with multiple play lines, five reels, and excellent profit probabilities. 
  2. Progressive Slots with its incredible amount of money if you hit it well, crazy prices, and awestruck jackpots. 
  3. Live Slot is embraced with opportunities to interact live with attendants and win your luck. 
  • Other Table Games at VIPArabClub 

When we say that we offer our clients a never-ending adventurous journey, we really mean it! When everyone plays slot machines, the real players –the devoted gamesters turn their heads to table casino games. VIPArabClub is offering uncountable titles of table games, each exciting and worth playing in its own way. 

We provide players an opportunity to test their skeptical and maneuvering skills and earn brilliant jackpots in return. The most common table games include Online Baccarat, Three Card Poker, Crap, Keno, Dragon Tiger, and a lot more. 

Advanced Payment Solutions 

The major concern for most clients that limits them to invest and withdraw is limited payment options at online casinos. Thanks to the developers of VIPArabClub that has managed some advanced and secure payment solutions. We are every regionally available payment option for your betting transactions. Either you have e-Wallets, credit cards, or even a cryptocurrency option, you are most welcomed at our platform. 

Moreover, we are quite flexible and ensure some customizations in the payment methods depending upon the country you belong to. Keeping the Arab region in mind, all the transactions done through our online casinos comply with local laws and regulations. We have tried our best to eliminate the transaction-related problems gamblers usually face while withdrawing their betting amounts in the Middle East and Gulf. 

Your Amount is Secure at VIPArabClub 

Sometimes these table betting games become an addiction for a hardcore gambler that he loses control. He starts investing beyond the normal limits and turns the whole positive energizing casino environment into a challenging thing. If you feel like your gaming habits are going wrong and you’re losing control, VIPArabClub can help you save your money. 

We have a special feature where you can limit your betting deposit amount to a fixed value, beyond which you can’t spend more. It will help you control the desire that could have got you to spend more than you’ve planned. 

Are you worried about your investments? Providing the utmost security to your betting funds is the topmost priority for us. Your personal data and financial details are completely secure at VIPArabClub –thanks to the secure 2048-bit SSL certificate. 

Why Should You Choose VIPArabClub?

VIPArabClub has bridged the gap between the land-based and online casinos! There’s no need for traveling miles to reach land-based casinos to satiate your winning thirst –we provide you with the best virtual experience where you can try your luck and win mind-blowing jackpots. 

We offer beginners free slot machines and table games to get complete know-how of website working and gaming strategies. No investment, no worries of losing money when you know nothing; it’s just fun! When you have practiced enough and feel confident of getting into the real play, we welcome you to the world of winning real money! 

We have improved ourselves to such an extent where every newbie feels comfortable investing his real amount. Play Arabic online casino and get the real money game started! 

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