Tricky Slot Cheats That Will Fail for Online Titles

Tricky Slot Cheats That Will Fail for Online Titles


While games such as online roulette or baccarat are considered to be ancient casino gambling, online slots are nothing new either. Invented in the late 19th century, they've come a long way from mechanically-powered machines to apps that can be played on modern smartphones or tablets. Online slots are still the most popular at Arabic casinos, as they are the easiest to learn. A few decades ago, however, we could only dream of playing slots on our computers, much less on our mobile devices. While advanced iGaming platforms like VipArabClub show just how much technology has jumped in recent years, we want to share a few tricks and cheats that gamblers were pulling on physical slot machines a while back. Keep in mind that offline slots are still available in land-based gambling establishments, so don't try to repeat the tricks described later in this post. 

Cracking the RNG

In the 70s, when slot machines with mechanical reels were replaced by computerized slots, special algorithms were used to ensure the randomness of game results. Basically, they used a Random Number Generator (RNG), which was not ideal at the time. Like any software, the RNG uses certain patterns which of course are known to its developers as well as to the staff of the Gambling Commission. And history knows one scammer named Ronald Dale Harris, who decided to use his knowledge to his advantage. Understanding how slot machines, bingo and keno games work, he manipulated them to enrich himself. However, in 1995, his scheme was discovered when an acquaintance of his managed to win a tidy sum on a keno machine. 

Today, online slots and other RNG-based casino games use much more sophisticated randomization algorithms. Secured with data encryption technology, they are virtually unhackable. Moreover, the RNG used on VipArabClub's website is regularly checked by independent auditors. Finally, every person involved in the online gambling business is under the watchful eye of the regulatory authorities, so that they are not tempted to manipulate online slots and other casino games. Thanks to all these measures, modern online casino games are much more honest and transparent. 

Using Fake Coins

If you've ever been to a land-based gambling house, you've probably experienced their glamorous slot machine rooms that are a literal eye-catcher. In addition to colourful reels with symbols and a handle or button to start the spin, there is also a coin slot, where you have to drop coins to make your bet. Notably, some gamblers were tempted to cheat the machine by placing counterfeit coins into the coin slot, and they succeeded. One of the most notorious casino counterfeiters named Louis was caught in 1998, after many years of successfully defrauding the slot machines. However, released in 2006, he is back at it again. 

It's not a good idea to scam casinos by placing counterfeit money into a coin-operated slot machine, as you risk getting caught and punished by the law. Also, modern online casino games are gambling applications where there is no physical coin-operated device, so you won't be able to repeat the trick. On the other hand, advanced security systems like the one at VipArabClub have made financial transactions much safer at online casinos. 

Tricking Slot Machines with Magnet

This trick was only viable when the slot machines had metal elements. Using a magnet, cheaters could slow down the spinning of the reels, making them reveal the symbols they needed to form winning combinations. However, then computerized slot machines and online applications emerged that are completely unaffected by the magnetic field. Moreover, this method of cheating was easily detected and the cheaters were sanctioned. 

Optical Sensor Manipulation

When a winning combination landed on the reels, a special mechanism triggered a prize payout in coins. To stop issuing coins in time, the slot machines used an optical sensor to determine the number of coins that came out. Some casino scammers used so-called light sticks which "blinded" the optical sensor, thereby causing the slot machine to pay out more coins. With this rather simple trick, they turned meagre winnings into big jackpots. Obviously, modern slots work very differently, and you are unlikely to be able to manipulate them to your advantage. 

The Coin Receptor Switch

A gambling enthusiast named Carmichael invented a simple tool that allowed him to switch the coin slot into issuing mode. With a curved metal rod and guitar string, it was convenient enough to slip into the slot vent of a slot machine and reach the coin-operated trigger switch. Of course, slot machine designers have long been aware of this trick, and have modified their products to make it impossible to manipulate the coin-operated machine. 

Modifying Slot Machine Computer Logic

Instead of using a light stick or a bent object to manipulate a coin-operated machine, Dennis Nickrash decided to go further and bought a slot machine. Placing it in his garage, he took it apart to find subtle points that could form the basis for developing new ways to manipulate slot machines. And his attention was drawn to computer chips that could be reprogrammed. After purchasing a whole batch of chips responsible for the logic of slot machine operation, Dennis assembled a team of like-minded people and started cheating in land-based casinos. The activities of Nikrash's team led to serious losses for casino owners and slot machine developers. However, their fraudulent scheme was uncovered. 

Modern online casinos use software platforms and game products from various brands. And there are scammers who have learned to tamper with the software. Posing as reputable iGaming platforms, such websites use rigged gaming products to take deposits from users. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a gambling website responsibly. First of all, check the license under which the online casino operates. In Arab countries, iGaming platforms licensed by Curacao eGaming, MGA and UKGC are considered legal. Secondly, find out what gaming content providers the operator cooperates with. Having names like Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Play'n GO, Evolution Gaming and some other brands that are always on the radar is a good sign. Also, find out what measures the operator has taken to ensure user and financial data security. 

If you want to play at a reliable online casino with games that generate uncontested results, VipArabClub is your best choice. Specially designed for Arabic gambling enthusiasts, this online casino is officially licensed by Curacao eGaming. VipArabClub boasts a well-diversified gaming portfolio with games from cutting-edge providers. VipArabClub uses an advanced security system for all gaming and financial transactions, so there are no known fraudulent options on the platform.  

Software Failure

This is not really the way to manipulate slots, as software glitches are the fault of the casino and the developers. However, there are several cases in history where players have won large jackpots simply because of a software glitch. Such failures may occur in both land-based and online casinos. However, modern security systems allow the tracking of such cases. And it means that the winnings received as a result of the software failure can be cancelled. One of the high-profile cases occurred relatively recently when an elderly woman won a jackpot of over $40 million. However, the slot machine showed a winning combination due to a software glitch and the winnings were not paid out. 

Are There Legal Ways to Beat Online Slots?

As you know, online slots are completely random, which means that there can't be any strategy with which you will win every time. Any slot has an RTP below 100% and that means that the advantage is always on the house side. However, even in the case of online slots, knowledge is power. This means that following a few simple tips can help you get even better results from your online slots experience:

  • Choose a slot wisely. Before investing your money in online slots, there are several things to consider. Firstly, we recommend choosing titles with a high RTP of over 95%. Secondly, be aware of your risk tolerance. Thus, there are low-volatility slot machines that show winning combinations quite often (but bring a rather low payout) and high-volatility slot machines working the opposite way (rare combinations and large prizes). Finally, be wary of progressive jackpot slots, as they pay big money very rarely.
  • Get in on the fun by playing free slots. Before you put your hard-earned cash at risk, you can try out the slots for free in demo mode. For example, you can use the 'Play For Free' mode available on VipArabClub's website to find out more about a particular title and see if it's for you.
  • Stick to your playing budget and don't gamble on borrowed money. If you are a new player, start with a lower-than-average bet, so you don't use up your bankroll before the machine generates your first winnings. Also, limit your gambling sessions so you have time for other more important activities. 

You won't be able to manipulate modern online slots, as they have become much more secure and protected from the influence of scammers and hackers. Moreover, such attempts will be stopped and you risk being penalized by the law. Instead, you should focus on having fun and learning how to manage your bankroll wisely in order to avoid big losses.

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