Top 10 Strategy Tips for Playing Online Slots to Win More

Top 10 Strategy Tips for Playing Online Slots to Win More


Thanks to the advancement of internet technology, casino game developers have been able to bring slots and table games online by making them available to every gambling enthusiast. Now, to play your favorite gambling games, all you need is a device connected to the World Wide Web. By choosing a reliable online casino, you can spin the reels of online slots and play card games like poker or blackjack right on the go. 

However, the iGaming platforms have not only made gambling more accessible, but they have also greatly expanded the range of gaming options available to punters. So, the virtual lobby of VipArabClub casino offers hundreds of slots and table games that would not fit in the gaming hall of even the largest land-based gambling house. It's noteworthy that slots make up the lion's share of VipArabClub's gaming collection, and for good reason. With eye-popping visuals, exciting themes and massive payout potential, slots resonate with new and experienced gamblers alike. So, we're here to give you some tips on how you can improve your online slot playing experience and win even more money. 

10 Helpful Tips to Improve Your Winning Chances at Slots

Before we get to the tips on playing online slots, let us remind you that they are RNG-based gambling machines on chance. Every time you place a bet and spin the reels, you are only relying on chance. This means that there is no guarantee that you'll hit a winning combination in the next game round, even if you play a slot with an RTP of 97% or higher. While there is no slots strategy that guarantees your 100% success, there are a few tips with which your winning chances will improve markedly - check them out below. 

Choose the Right Game

In the online casino's Slots section, you'll find hundreds of games varying not only in theme but also in some other important things such as RTP, volatility levels, hit rates and more. It's worthwhile reading through online slot reviews to choose the one that suits your playing style and your financial situation. So, here are a few things to look out for in order to choose the right online slot for you: 

  • RTP. Known as the Return-to-Player ratio, this is a measure of how much of your wager goes into the game's prize pool. The higher the RTP, the more money you spend over the course of a lengthy playing session will be returned to you in the form of winnings.
  • The level of volatility (dispersion). Volatility is all about the frequency of payouts and prize amounts. High volatility slots, for example, payout less often, but in large amounts. On that basis, low-volatility online slots are better suited for beginners and casuals.
  • Bonus features. From free spins to Walking Wilds and the Avalanche feature, today's online slots offer many different in-game bonuses and extras. We recommend choosing games with bonus features that you understand well. 

Once you have figured out the things described above, you will be able to choose the games that suit you best. 

Check the Game Provider

While there are plenty of promising gaming studios on the market today, it's better to opt for games from well-established brands that are trusted. In simple terms, you should choose a reliable online casino powered by NetEnt, Play'n GO, Microgaming and a number of other leading software vendors. So, playing at VipArabClub, you can be confident in the fairness of each game result. 

Play in Risk-Free 'Play for Free' Mode

While you can read the game description and check out the main features in the paytable section, nothing beats the hands-on experience. However, before risking your hard-earned cash, you can play the game in free-play mode to learn more about the features of a particular game. Switch to the real game mode whenever you feel comfortable with the game. 

Benefit from No Deposit Promotions

As part of their strategies to attract new players, online casinos offer no-deposit bonuses including bonus money and free spins. Although no deposit bonuses come with higher wagering requirements than their deposit counterparts, you still have the chance to keep what you win. Once you receive a large free spins package as a gift from the casino, you will be able to play multiple rounds and withdraw your winnings as long as the wagering requirements are fully met. This makes no deposit bonuses a much better option than the 'Play for Free' gaming mode. 

Start Small

One of the mistakes beginner gamblers make is jumping straight into the game by betting high. Just a few rounds played at high stakes in a highly volatile slot can drain your bankroll. Know your game of choice (RTP, volatility level) and start with a lower-than-average bet to avoid wasting your money before your first big win. 

Bet Enough to Qualify for the Jackpot

Although some players believe that the jackpot is the payout for the highest-ranking combination in the slot, this is not actually the case. The jackpot is a payout activated specifically by the jackpot feature. There are several types of jackpots in online casinos, and here's what you need to know about them:

  • A fixed jackpot. It is the maximum prize available through the jackpot feature in a game, the size of which does not change over time. A good example of fixed jackpot slots is some EGT games with the Jackpot Cards feature where you have to guess the correct card to win the top prize.
  • Standalone progressive. It is a cumulative jackpot with prizes that increase in real-time. Each time a player - at a particular casino - wagers on a progressive jackpot game, a portion of the wager is contributed to the total prize pool, and this is how the pot is accumulated. Standalone progressive jackpot games operate within a specific online casino.
  • Network progressive. This works in the same way as the Standalone counterpart, with the difference being that the jackpot is accumulated across the entire network of a particular provider. For example, wagers made at any online casino representing a specific jackpot slot contribute to the jackpot prize pool. Network progressives collect multi-million prizes, and that is their main feature. 

As well as jackpot slots being different, you should be aware that not all bets qualify you for the jackpot. For example, some slots require you to make the maximum wager to unlock the jackpot feature. Check this before you play any online jackpot slot. 

Don't Get Stuck on a Specific Progressive Jackpot Slot

As mentioned above, some jackpot games require you to place the highest wages possible to qualify for the jackpot. Moreover, the chances of winning a multi-million top prize are negligible, so you run the risk of spending a large sum if you gamble too much. We recommend using the spot betting tactic where you play just 1-2 rounds in a particular game and then switch to another game. Remember that mathematically, you need to spin the reels millions of times to win the jackpot. However, it makes much more sense to take just a few tries, as history remembers many instances where a player has been just one spin away from paying out the jackpot. 

Activate All Paylines

A payline is a special place on the game grid reserved for symbol combinations to be considered winning ones. The more paylines that are active, the higher your chances of landing a paying combination. Keep in mind that in most slots, you will not be able to change the number of active paylines, as they are enabled by default.  

Favor Slots with Free Spins In-Game Bonus

Although online slot developers keep coming up with new bonus features, free spins are still the most popular bonus. Every time you activate a free spins bonus, you get to play a few game rounds without spending your money on bets. Furthermore, many online slots make this in-game bonus even more exciting and potentially lucrative by adding extra payout multipliers and other effective features. 

Use Betting Systems

Although betting systems like Fibonacci and Martingale were created specifically for Live Roulette, they also work well on slots. For example, using the Martingale algorithm, you will increase your bet every time you lose. So, you should choose a low-volatility slot and start with a minimum bet to avoid reaching your bankroll limit. The point of the Martingale system is that any winnings will be able to cover your lost bets in online slots. 

Closing Thoughts

So, an online slot is all about luck, so there's no strategy to guarantee your 100% success. Finally, because slots run on a Random Number Generator, any game result is random. So, forget about the so-called 'hot' and 'cold' machines. Even if a slot hasn't paid out for too long, it doesn't mean that the next spin will earn you a payout.

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