Tips for Increasing the Winnings Earned from Online Casino No Deposit Bonus

Tips for Increasing the Winnings Earned from Online Casino No Deposit Bonus


The no deposit bonuses offered by some Arabic online casinos are no longer anything new. There are many iGaming platforms offering no deposit bonuses as an incentive for you to come to their website and register an account. Basically, it works as a lure for players looking for a place to gamble online. On the one hand, the casino gets a new user who could eventually become a real money player. On the other hand, you get to check out some of the games participating in the promo. More importantly, you'll be able to keep what you win and even withdraw it to your bank account (providing you meet the wagering requirements). 

However, lately, no deposit casino bonuses have quite strict wagering requirements. Many operators have lost a lot of money due to so-called bonus-hunters searching for lucrative offers and successfully complying with wagering requirements. High wagering requirements are a way for operators to protect against huge losses, as they cannot give away money for anything. Nevertheless, no deposit bonuses are still not useless. Below we explain the types of no-deposit bonuses and give some tips on how to use them to your advantage. 

Common Types of No Deposit Offers

While no-deposit bonuses are far from a new phenomenon in Arabic online casinos, the operators haven't been able to come up with anything new other than the following common options:

  • Free bonus money. Check the promotions section of VIPArabClub of your choice for a welcome no deposit cash bonus. It's likely that a small amount of money is available for you as a reward for registering with a casino and verifying your profile details. The cash bonus is extremely versatile and can be spent on almost any online casino game with the exception of live dealer games. Before agreeing to the bonus, read the terms and conditions of the promotion carefully - we'll cover this in detail below.
  • No deposit spins. This is the same as free spins, only provided without the need to make a deposit. Known as the slot bonus, it is designed exclusively for certain titles. Keep in mind that the no-deposit spins bonus is also subject to fairly high wagering requirements. Also, the list of games you can use this bonus on is usually too sparse.
  • A no deposit bonus by promo code. Some online casinos run them as bonus code promotions to narrow down which players can take advantage of the no deposit bonus. Such codes can be found in casino profiles on social media or on review websites. Generally speaking, promotional bonuses work in much the same way as the ones described above. The only difference is that you need a special alphanumeric code to qualify for the gift. 

So, whatever no deposit bonus you get at an Arabic online casino, you shouldn't pass up this excellent opportunity to play some games for real money and keep what you win. 

Factors Against Using the No Deposit Bonus as Effectively as Your Ordinary Bankroll

Before we give you tips on how to use a no-deposit casino bonus for the benefit of your wallet, you should know what factors can prevent you from winning real money and withdrawing it. So, below we've outlined a few of the obstacles to making money from no deposit promotions:

  • Wagering requirements. Generally, experienced Arabic gamblers prefer deposit casino bonuses, as they come with fairly low wagering requirements. For example, you make a small deposit and get 50 free spins as a gift with an x30 wagering requirement. If the value of each spin is $1 or the equivalent in KWD, 50 FS is equivalent to a $50 cash bonus. You must wager $50 x 30 = $1,500 to be able to withdraw your winnings from the bonus. A comparable no deposit bonus generally comes with a much higher wagering requirement, which is x60 or even x80. That means you have to wager $50 x 60 = $3,000 in order to withdraw your winnings from your no deposit bonus. Obviously, a deposit bonus is much more lucrative. Moreover, most deposit bonuses are activated by funding your account a relatively small amount.
  • The maximum withdrawal amount is limited. To protect themselves from big losses, Arabic online casinos impose limits on the maximum amount of winnings from the no deposit bonus available for withdrawal. For example, using 50 FS, you won't be able to withdraw more than KWD 10 according to the terms of the promotion. This can be frustrating, especially if one or more of the free spins resulted in quite large payouts.
  • Tough betting limits. Before you activate your no deposit cash bonus, find out how much you can bet on casino games. Most likely, your stake is limited to some amount, such as no more than KWD 0.10 per game round. As you know, the higher the bet, the bigger the expected payout. So, no deposit bonuses are not the best choice for high rollers (those who like to risk large sums). 

In addition, the rules of most no-deposit promotions limit the games you can play using the gift. For example, no-deposit spins are usually designed for one or only a few online slots. Cash no-deposit bonuses are more versatile in their application. However, you are unlikely to be able to use the bonus money to bet on live casino games. 

Tips on How to Get the Most Out of a No Deposit Bonus

Although no deposit bonuses are difficult to wager, they still offer the opportunity to win something worthwhile. You shouldn't turn down any deposit promotions, especially if you have a small gaming budget. Also, no deposit bonuses are good if you want to test an online casino or some games without risking anything. Below we give some useful tips on how to choose and use a no deposit bonus properly:

  • Always read the terms and conditions, especially the small print, as some online casinos have restrictions on how you can use no deposit bonuses.
  • Choose the bonus with the lowest wagering requirement. If the wagering requirement is too high, your winnings may not be enough to meet it. As a result, you will have to make a deposit to meet the wagering requirements in full.
  • Give your preference for a small bonus. For example, it could be 10 free spins or KWD 1 for betting on Arabian casino games. The more generous the no deposit bonus, the higher the wagering requirements. Try to find a reasonable balance between the bonus amount and the wagering requirement.
  • Find out which games you can play. If you've got a bonus designed for slots, make sure there are low-volatility titles among the featured ones. The lower the volatility of the slot machine, the more often it generates payouts.
  • When complying with the wagering requirements, play casino games that are contributing towards wagering at 100%. Under the terms and conditions of most casino promotions, card and table games contribute 10-20% towards wagering, so you will need more time and money to meet the wagering requirements. 

Finally, choose a bonus that you can use for games you really enjoy. With this bonus, you'll get the most out of your gambling entertainment without risking your hard-earned cash. 

How Much Can I Win with No Deposit Bonus?

After reviewing a few of the Arabic online casino's no deposit offers, you will come to the conclusion that they are all designed for chance games. This means that your success in using your no-deposit gift depends solely on luck. More often than not, Arab players lose their winnings while completing the wagering requirements. And if you're lucky, you'll walk away from the casino with relatively small winnings. And even if you manage to win big, the maximum withdrawal limit will cut off some of your winnings. So, you should feel lucky if you manage to win and withdraw KWD 5-20 from your no deposit gift.


Keep in mind that the no deposit bonus is optional to activate, so you can skip it. Fulfilling the wagering requirements can be a time-consuming and exhausting task, so in most cases making a deposit is the best solution. Finally, you can activate a deposit bonus with much lower wagering requirements and no other limitations.

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