The Complete eSports Betting Guide - Everything Newcomers to eSports Need to Know

The Complete eSports Betting Guide - Everything Newcomers to eSports Need to Know


With major tournaments attracting top eSports players, millions of spectators and large prize pools, eSports is now a hotly debated destination. What's more, eSports has created an exciting and thrilling world of betting on popular games such as Valorant, Dota 2, CS:GO, StarCraft 2 and other titles that are always on the radar. Betting on events in the sports world is nothing new. The desire to wager on the outcome of matches probably appeared at the same time when the tournament format was established. But eSports is a trend that entered our world comparatively recently. Thanks to the development of computer technology and the internet, it has become possible to fight against each other in popular games right in real-time. So, now you can forget about the times when parents scolded you for spending too much time on video games. After all, today it's a huge industry with a multi-billion-dollar annual turnover. More importantly, eSports betting is still considered a new trend where bookmakers make mistakes when settling the odds. And if you want to try your hand at something as promising as eSports betting, then keep reading to learn everything you need to get up to speed with it. 

Reasons Why eSports Is So Popular Today

What was considered a geek thing a few years ago has grown into a major industry attracting sponsorships and huge investments from the IT giants. In layman's terms, eSports today is all about multiplayer online video games that can be played by multiple people battling each other. There are several types of games that are most popular today - check them out below:

  • MOBAs (multiplayer online battle arenas). The still popular Dota2, Smite and LoL belong to this category. In these games, teams of players playing as different heroes fight for key positions on the map trying to outdo their opponents.
  • FPS (First Person Shooter). With CS:GO being the most popular game in this category, here players fight against each other face-to-face using a variety of firearms and knives.
  • Sports Simulator. Allowing you to control both individual virtual athletes and entire sports teams, these games seek to simulate the competition taking place in the world of sports. 

In addition to the above, there are also strategy games such as StarCraft2 and one-on-one combat games such as Street Fighter. Players who play the above games professionally are referred to as cyber athletes. They can participate in eSports competitions alone or be part of a team. 

How eSports Developed

Originally, most PC games used a single-player format. This meant that you could drive a racing car or a football team by yourself while playing against a computer. However, with the increase in global network bandwidth, it is now possible to play online against other players. Initially, it looked like simple parties where fans of shooters, racing and sports simulators competed against each other for the title of best. Broadband high-speed internet has significantly changed the face of the PC gaming industry. But what made eSports even more attractive was the online streaming of the events through streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube. With the number of people watching the best events skyrocketing, soon enough there were people interested in betting on the outcomes of eSports matches. This eventually led to the professionalization of eSports with many highly skilled eSports players and teams competing against each other for cups or in cyber leagues of all kinds. 

Today, there are many major streamers on Twitch with an audience of many millions of active users. They prefer to watch eSports events and place bets via specialized online platforms. Among the many online sportsbooks available to Arab bettors, VipArabClub stands out. Covering many eSports disciplines, VipArabClub is licensed by Curacao eGaming, which means that the platform is in full compliance with the current regulations. VipArabClub boasts a user-friendly interface, multiple betting markets, a wide selection of betting options, and support for multiple payment methods convenient for Arab players. More importantly, VipArabClub is a versatile iGaming platform combining sports betting, eSports betting and online casino games. Regardless of which direction you like, by joining VipArabClub you will find everything you need. 

Differences Between Traditional Sports Betting and eSports Betting

The good news is that there is little difference between betting on traditional sporting disciplines and betting on eSports, as bookmakers offer roughly the same betting markets. This means you'll be able to bet on match outcomes, stats, handicaps and other popular options. What's more, some of the more sophisticated types of betting used in sports betting are not applicable to eSports competitions, and therefore betting on eSports might be the best direction for first-time bettors. You can do a comparative analysis of the platforms that support eSports betting to see what options they offer. Judging by the reviews of Arab players, VipArabClub is the best option because it covers a huge number of eSports disciplines and offers the greatest number of betting options compared to other iGaming platforms. To place your bet, simply go to the eSports betting section, and choose the game you like and the event you want to bet on. Then simply fill in the betting slip just as you would for a regular sporting event and wait for the result. As with regular sports betting, both pre-match betting, where you can place your bets long before the action starts, and live betting, where you can place your bets during the action is available to you. 

Types of eSports Competitions

If you are interested in the world of sports, you know that there are all kinds of tournaments, leagues and cups. As far as cybersports are concerned, there are also different types of competitions. As the industry has evolved, there have been many competitive eSports events that are worthy of the attention of Arab betting enthusiasts. 

Perhaps the most popular type of competitive event in the world of eSports is a tournament. Different from regular tournaments, they include several stages and offer several opportunities for participating teams to qualify. For example, consider the structure of CS:GO tournaments, one of the most popular eSports disciplines attracting many eSports betting enthusiasts. There is a group stage where teams fight each other in multiple games. Additionally, some tournaments use the so-called Swiss seeding model resembling football tournaments. 

If you are looking for a consistent eSports betting experience, you are probably interested in Leagues. Among the leagues, there are national-level as well as international events that gather millions of spectators and bettors from all over the world. 

Please note that apart from the traditional sports betting options, there are also some specific betting variants such as a first map or first blood. Despite the exotic names, they are easy to understand and you can easily figure them out by reading our guide to types of bets in eSports. 

Useful Tips for eSports Betting Beginners

If you're new to eSports betting, you may find it a little difficult at first as some of the betting options are different from those you've seen in traditional sports betting. However, when it comes to eSports betting, there are a few advantages that you should be aware of. Firstly, it's a booming market with huge potential for further growth. Secondly, many tournaments and leagues collect multi-million prize pools, and you can get your share without being an eSports player. Thirdly, bookmakers often make mistakes when calculating the odds, allowing you to make profitable bets for big winnings. And if you're just starting out as an eSports bettor, here are some tips to help you become a more successful one:

  • Bet on games you are familiar with. As with traditional sports betting, in eSports betting, you should favour disciplines that you know. For instance, if you've played CS:GO and often follow the top eSports players, start by placing bets on this discipline.
  • Keep an eye on the match stats. Once you have chosen a discipline you are keen on, keep an eye on the best players and teams so you know where they stand at the moment. By analyzing the results and different factors, you can make more accurate predictions about the outcome of certain events in the world of eSports.
  • Keep the format of the event in mind. Since eSports tournaments and other competitive events may be different from what you might see in the world of traditional sports, you need to be aware of all the peculiarities to make potentially profitable bets.
  • Be a part of the eSports betting community. Though the industry is new, there are plenty of professional bettors already, and you can learn from them to become wiser and more successful. 

Finally, to bet on eSports legally and make sure you get all your winnings on time and in full, choose a reliable iGaming platform you can trust. Check a few things including license, betting markets, odds (margin), payment methods, speed of payouts and customer support.

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