The 7 Biggest Bitcoin Slot Jackpots and How to Play for One!

The 7 Biggest Bitcoin Slot Jackpots and How to Play for One!


Gamblers might know that bitcoin has gained the limelight over the past decade as a digital currency. If we modify our statement, the masses aren’t using this cryptocurrency –they’re still finding their good way towards it. Online gamblers constitute the most significant proportion of people using Bitcoin for real money slots.

Slots are available in almost every online casino today, but the incredible winnings of Bitcoin leave them all behind. That’s the reason most gamblers quench their thirst by winning Bitcoins instead of real money. 

Let’s discuss the seven biggest bitcoin slot jackpots and the best way to make a big win!

The 7 Biggest Bitcoin Slot Jackpots -Let’s Explore! 

People won some of the biggest jackpots when even Bitcoin wasn’t that popular the way it is today. The Following seven are the highest payouts that made history in the gambling world! 


  • $1.5 million -11,000 Bitcoins: In September 2013, a few years back, Bitcoin came into being; the largest ever slot was worth 11,000 Bitcoins. At that time, these Bitcoins made only $1.5 million, but if tthat lucky gambler had won it today, it must have a payout of 71.91 million dollars. 
  • $550,000 -765 Bitcoins: It didn’t take much time for another gambling enthusiast to win the second largest payout. With 765 Bitcoins, this payout was worth $550,000 back in 2014 and equals more than $5 million at present.  
  • $275,000 -260 Bitcoins: The third-largest payout was made in 2017 with 260 Bitcoins. It was worth $275,000 during that time and made much higher if won at this present era. But what’s interesting about this win is that Bitcoin has just started its recent bull run at the start of 2017. The gambler missed out on Bitcoin prices reaching $20,000 –the biggest twist in history. 
  • $225,000 -216 Bitcoins: In March 2017, a month later than the previous hit, the player made the fourth-largest payout with 216 Bitcoins. It was worth $255,000 in 2017 and could have made $1.41 million today. Want to know the slot? ‘N Go’s Troll Hunters online slot made one of the highest payouts.
  • $176,000 -160 Bitcoins: The fifth-highest payout hit through 160 Bitcoins that made $176,000 at that time. It could be worth $1.05 million now. 
  • $118,000 -15 Bitcoins: Back in November 2017, a player hit the game through 15 Bitcoins. It seems to be an arbitrary amount when the player won, but it makes more than $118,000 now –that’s pretty high!
  • $65,000 -8 Bitcoins: Last but not least, the player made his name in the seven biggest Bitcoin slot winners by 8 Bitcoins worth $65,000. 


Bitcoin Slots –A few Advantages! 

Some players are missing out on some immense benefits of Bitcoin who are still using US dollars, Euros, British Pounds, and other currencies. Amazingly, some countries are still using Bitcoin as a reasonable way to play internet slots. Let’s explore the reasons and the advantages! 

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) blocks American financial institutions from processing transactions that are not approved. Online casinos were having hard times serving the US. Bitcoin has made its way to serve the US without even violating the UIGEA. 

Bitcoin allows American customers to make their deposits and win their payouts, so many offshore casinos gradually accept Bitcoin. In contrast, American Express and Visa still reject up to 50% of gambling transactions. So Americans now have much more options to go for Bitcoin casinos.

Interestingly, unlike other inefficient methods, Bitcoin offers much quicker withdrawals. Even sometimes, you even get your payout in an hour or less.  

Bitcoin is quite anonymous than many other traditional payment methods! You can switch to a different address for every transaction, so it’s merely possible to trace your wallet address. When we talk about credit cards, where every online casino transaction is present on a single page –so it’s a little easy to trace the address.

How to Play the Bitcoin Slots, By the Way?

Most beginners think that depositing initial amounts into Bitcoin casinos is quite challenging. However, it actually is not when you have a complete step-by-step guide. A few steps are sufficient for you to claim your Bitcoin and make some worth of payouts. Let’s get right into them!

Things start when it comes to exchanging your fiat with Bitcoins. For that, some reliable exchanges are always available that help you convert your money into cryptocurrency. Firstly, you simply have to link the payment method to the fiat you have chosen for exchange. 

After doing this, you can now purchase Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency through your banking option. Make sure you get a conformational email, too, after purchasing! And surprisingly, Bitcoin will come into your account within the next 30 minutes. You technically own a Bitcoin, and you have to keep it as a courtesy with your exchange site. 

The only problem at this level is that your crypto isn’t entirely in your hand. The exchange still controls it. If that site gets hacked, unluckily, you’ll lose your coins. For that, you have to find a reliable and trustworthy platform that ensures safety to your Bitcoins. VipArabClub is a perfect depiction of what an online casino should be. 

After getting the Bitcoins, you need to go to the casino’s cashier and make sure you’re a registered member of that casino. Choose your Bitcoin and add a wallet address where you’re going to send your coins. Come back to your wallet and send your bitcoin by pasting the recipient’s address that you received from the casino. 

Verify the transaction and check that the recipient's wallet address is right. At some time, if you feel like withdrawing your money from the casino, it’s no more difficult now. The process isn’t even complicated; you simply have to visit your wallet, generate the recipient’s wallet address, select the withdrawal option and confirm the transaction. 


Bitcoin gambling was initiated back in 2011, and it’s still going through its early phases. Like other online gaming casinos, Bitcoin casinos offer huge bonuses upon signing up and give you some exceptional jackpots. The amazing wins a few Bitcoin experts made in the past are truly remarkable. You can make your way to one of them by finding the best online casino and playing the slots tactfully. What are you waiting for? 

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