The 4 Most Successful Roulette Strategies

The 4 Most Successful Roulette Strategies


Roulette is one of the most popular casino games available in exciting American, French, and European versions. Some people say that roulette is a game of luck –it’s all about choosing the random numbers and letting the fortune perform its job. However, luck cannot save you in all cases. You can significantly bring the odds in your favor by learning some strategies. 

Let’s explore some of the most successful roulette strategies that will help you hedge your losses and enhance your enjoyment! 


  • The Martingale Roulette Strategy –For Even Money Bets


With the maximum odds of winning up to 50% and the lowest payout of 1:1, the Martingale is quite an easily understandable strategy. Just double up the size of your previous bet, and you’re good to go! You can easily win the amount of money each time you invest –these are the safest bets one could place in the roulette.  

Even if you’re playing in one of the safest online casinos like Viparabclub, you always have to start betting with the minimum amounts. Make sure to stay at table minimum until you lose, and after that, begin doubling the bet size for each spin. If you play this way, you can easily recover the amount you’ve lost in the previous rounds. 

If you’re continuously losing the game, keep doubling your bet, and the logic remains the same. If you win the round, simply reset the bet, and start by the smallest amount for the next spin. 

Can you beat the house edge using the martingale strategy? 

The house edge in the roulette is green zero pocket –the game’s main villain. No matter how you’re betting, the odds will always be against you because of it. There’s a 50% chance of winning in outside bets; green zero doesn’t fall into any category except its own. 

When the odds aren’t in your favor, to be honest, even martingale strategy can’t do anything about it. That’s true for almost every strategy available today. 

Hidden dangers behind martingale strategy! 

This strategy is usually recommended for highly experienced roulette players and even risky for them. Although roulette may win you a jackpot, on the other hand, it can make you run out of money after only a few rounds if you keep on losing again and again. That’s why most expert players recommend setting the betting limits to the bank accounts. 


  • The Paroli Roulette Strategy


In Martingale’s strategy, the player could lose a big chunk of money all at once within a blink of an eye. Here’s another approach that works slightly differently –doubling the bet after winning the round. It seems like you are not investing money out of your pocket because you’re playing with the bank’s capital.

It is much less risky compared to Martingale’s strategy, making it a good-to-go option for roulette beginners. 

How does this strategy work? 

Besides choosing the inside bets while playing this Paroli strategy, it’s much more typical to go for outside bets. These outside bets include even/odd, red/black, or 1-18/19-36. You have to decide the starting bet for every round. Upon losing the round, you simply have to place the same bet again.

If you win the round, you will leave the starting bet and your winnings for the next coup –that’s the first progression. If you are continuously winning several rounds, you will have to leave your bets and successive winnings for the next rounds to win more. There will be an exponential rise in your winnings if you’ll take things this way. 

Even before you start your first round, you have to decide the number of progressions you’ll take. The greater the number of progressions you will put at risk, the more you can win. 

How to play with the capital of the bank? 

You might be wondering at this point why a Paroli player is not actually playing with the bank’s money. It’s because when you lose after the fourth progression, you only lose one out of 16 lost chips from your own pocket. The other 15 losing chips were not from your pockets but the bank.  

It’s not comforting for most players because they’ll probably have to lose a few cups to make a decent win. It’s like you have already paid your investment in the bank before starting the game. Now you’re making every possible effort to get your money along with profit through several progressions. 

Applying Paroli strategy in a casino! 

If you’re thinking of applying this strategy in the real casino, never forget to tell your rivals about the number of progressions you’re going to make. It is important because they must know to whom the bet and win belong. Moreover, you also have to place the bets before each round wisely. If you get confused, you can also look at the box displaying the game’s layout. 

The long-term winnings using Paroli’s strategy! 

With lots of minor losses and a few big jackpots, the Paroli roulette strategy will balance out your outcome in the long run. We can’t compensate for the house edge advantage, of course. On the whole, if you’re playing online roulette using Paroli’s strategy, it’s not as nerve-wracking as Martingale’s strategy. The losses are pretty small and bearable, so are the profits. 


  • The D’Alembert Roulette Strategy 


Here’s another strategy that works quite similar to that of Martingale’s strategy. The fundamental difference in D’Alembert’s technique is much flatter bet progression than aggressive doubling down in other strategies. It makes it one of the simplest and easiest options, especially if you’re a newbie in the gambling world. 

This system is suitable for the bets having winning chances of up to 50%, including even/odd, red/black, or 1-18/19-36. A long streak of red followed by a long streak of black will eventually even out the bets you’re placing. This strategy requires you to set a ‘unit’ that serves as a backbone –it can be a particular amount of money or a chip. It’s totally up to you to decide the size of the bet, but make sure it accounts for no more than 1% of your total bankroll. 

According to some roulette experts, the safest amount to start with is either 0.33% or 0.50%. Furthermore, you simply have to increase the bets if you’re losing the rounds and decrease the amount upon winning successive rounds. 

Why should you go for the D’Alembert system? 

The nature of progression, along with relatively smaller bankrolls of D’Alembert’s strategy, indeed keeps you safe from hitting the dreaded table limits. It’s a common occurrence when you’re playing roulette with some other strategy. This system is pretty easy to learn and remember if you’re a beginner. You have to keep the size of the initial bet in your mind and adjust the further game according to it. 

Bet progression with D’Alembert strategy! 

For those looking for exciting results, it’s always worth playing with the original bet progression. Instead, you remove only a single unit upon winning the bet; you should better reset the bet to the one. If you progress your bet in this way, the losses will be minimal and will be compensated through your winnings. 

You don’t have to give up on the casino advantage; the numbers will add up in the long run. There’s a possibility that you may get an incredible winning streak!


  • The James Bond Roulette Strategy –The Riskiest One! 


The creator of this strategy claims that it’s a ‘foolproof’ strategy, but in fact, it’s the riskiest out of the four strategies mentioned here. You simply have to place multiple bets in each spin with a minimum of $200. 

Covering the most possibilities, you eventually come out getting some profit. Contrary to that, if luck isn’t on your side, there’s always an element of losing the game. The European roulette wheel bet $140 on numbers 19-36, stick $10 on zero and risk $50 on numbers like 13-18. 

Always keep in mind that if numbers between 1 and 12 come up, there’s a chance of losing a lot. What happens if you win? 

  • If the numbers 19-36 come up, you’ll probably win $80.
  • If number zero shows up, you’ll definitely win $160. 
  • If numbers 13-18 come, you’ll get $100. 


These roulette strategies are the most popular and successful ones, but none gives you a 100% guarantee. We can’t claim that a particular strategy will save you in every situation. All these strategies have their flaws that don’t increase your chances of winning when all odds are against you.  

However, following a particular strategy might save your fortune in specific situations, but at the same time, may hold you back. Roulette is one of the most fun games in the casinos today that can win you a jackpot if you play it cleverly.

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