Game Bonus

Game Bonus


Some slot machines offer additional games such as built-in "mini-games" that add to the gambling experience. Most, if not all, game bonuses do not contain a skill component and are random like the main slot machine game.

Types of Bonus Games

There are no specific criteria that “bonus games” should particularly meet, but there are some popular formats.

The "select and click" bonus game offers the player a number of objects to choose from, each of which contains a reward. Prizes can include winning a coin, activating a bonus feature, multiples, or free spins. The player chooses the chest, jewelry, seashells, or the likes to get the reward.

The “reward wheel” is also a popular option. This is just a wheel surrounded with trophies that the player spins. Whatever prize the wheel lands on is awarded to the player.


Some games contain multiplier features that multiply wins by 2, 3, 4 or more times. They can be triggered by specific tokens, accumulated over multiple rounds, or awarded as part of the reward perk.

Payment Property

This feature comes in handy when a player hardly misses out on a coveted combination. The push button will be pushed with one or more reels, one space up or down giving you a chance to overcome a nearby situation.

Gambling Feature

When you win, some slot machines will offer a “Gamble”, which you can accept or reject. If you take the risk of gambling, this feature offers one of two outcomes - losing the whole win or doubling it.

The feature usually takes the form of a guessing game where you bet that you will win with the outcome of a random event such as the next card drawn from a deck. Gamble can add excitement if you enjoy a little bit of risk in your gameplay.

Major Awards

The jackpot is the best gambling prize. The jackpot, " Grand Prix" machines can come in many shapes, but the only constant feature is the Grand Prize offered. Prizes can be “Local, Network, Fixed, or Present”.

Local Jackpot

This jackpot is accumulated only by players at a particular online casino and is not associated with any other casino sites.

Network Jackpot

This jackpot is also called the pool jackpot and consists of all players' bets across all the online casinos that host this slot machine game. Think of it like a lottery where everyone contributes to the total prize fund wherever they are playing.

Fixed Jackpot

As the name suggests, this jackpot offers a fixed amount of prize money that does not increase with the number of bets. The “Fixed Reward Funding” Fund is dedicated to such games, and is not part of the network either.

Cumulative Jackpot

Games like Mega Moolah made headlines by creating instant millionaires from one turn. This is possible because all bets placed regardless of the casino or the location contribute to the total jackpot win.

This can often run into the millions and keep growing until one lucky player gets it. These huge returns only happen every few months, but they really change life when they happen.


A large percentage of slot games provide an automatic play feature. This mainly rotates the reels on behalf of the player who can simply watch them or maybe navigate to another page.

You can choose the number of auto spins you want and the bet amount, then press the Auto-play button. Most games have an automatic shutdown feature in case a win occurs.

How to Play Slot Machines and Win

Playing slot machines for fun is one thing, but serious players are always looking for the next big win in the online slot machines. Instead of just hitting the spin button randomly and hoping for the best, there are some simple strategies you can use to raise your game level in slot machines.

Follow these online slot machine tips to greatly improve your chances of winning.

Find the best casino deals

Once you catch a quick glance around you, you can see that there is a huge variety of online casinos. The number of casinos increases daily and so is the range of welcome offers and bonuses proposed.

The competition between online casinos over your time and money means that they are offering more than ever to entice new players. From free spins to cash bonuses, the registration bonuses can be very generous.

However, always check the terms of any bonus offered to determine whether they are worth claiming or not. Heavy wagering requirements or cash-out restrictions can make some offers quickly less attractive than they seem at first glance.

Know your machine's statistics

The difference between a beginner and a professional online casino player is the amount of interest in the statistics of a single slot machine. Most of the online casinos will display statistics such as RTP rates and volatility along with the title of each machine.

Read what these terms mean below, and it will help you determine the most rewarding slot machines on the internet and exclude ones with no-to-meager wins. If you've been playing any game for some time and aren't reaping its rewards, it's best to stay away. Just pumping more money in does not mean that the game owes you anything nor shall it eventually yield any large wins.

Play for free / for fun

Many online casinos offer the option to play their videos for fun along with betting real money. This gives players a chance to find out what the game is like and test it fully before putting any of their money into it.


RTP stands for Return to Player and is always displayed as a percentage. It indicates to you how much money you are likely to get back from a particular casino game over time.

Any RTP ratio given is a calculation based on the result of thousands, if not millions, of rounds in a given game. RTP does not guarantee the amounts you may win from a given game. It is meant to give an idea of ​​how much you may expect to recover over time.

For example, in a game with 96% RTP, the casino is likely to get 4% of the players' bets through that particular game. This is often referred to as "locality". There are no games with an RTP at 100%, or else the casino would be running at a loss.

With this in mind, you might wonder what is the point of playing slot games?! Because the outcome of each turn is as random as possible and “RTP” is only “over-time win” indicator. The victories or losses that each player gets from playing a slot machine can vary widely.


Volatility, also known as variance, describes the estimated size of your gains and how often they will occur. It indicates the overall frequency and amount of payouts that you can expect from a specific slot game.

Usually slot machine games are classified as low, medium, or high volatility. Lower contrast machines will pay small amounts on a regular basis making them ideal for beginners in the casino, whereas high contrast machines will pay more but less often.

Medium contrast slot machines are a happy balance between the two extremes and are the most popular type of online casinos.

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