Playing Blackjack at Bitcoin-Friendly Arabic Online Casino

Playing Blackjack at Bitcoin-Friendly Arabic Online Casino


For many years, Arab players played blackjack in land-based casinos while sitting at a physical table. However, times have changed and today, anyone can go to a gambling website and play any version of online blackjack - European, American or Spanish, for example - from the comfort of their own home. What's more, thanks to the rapid development of mobile technology, now everyone can get blackjack right into their phone. 

There have been many milestones in the online gambling industry over the decades. Firstly, there was Evolution Gaming, a company that introduced live casino games, a concept that still enjoys great popularity today. Secondly, online casino games have become mobile-friendly, so that they can be played on the go. Crypto casino games are also considered to be another landmark event in the online gambling world. Although the first crypto games were online slots, over time some table games including blackjack have joined them. Below we'll talk about the features of Bitcoin blackjack and why you should try this game at an Arabic online casino

A Brief History of the Popular Card Game

Also known as twenty-one, blackjack is an age-old gambling game with its roots in renaissance Italy. For many years, blackjack was seen as a game for the elite, played only in small circles. However, the United States was the country that did much to popularize the card game. Notably, more than 100 years ago, gambling houses were trying to stir up players' interest in the game by offering various incentives. Therefore, online casino bonuses offered by Arabian online casinos - including those for blackjack - are not entirely new. 

In the middle of the last century, blackjack caught the interest of scientists and was the subject of mathematical modeling. In 1956, a group of researchers published an article entitled "The Ultimate Blackjack Strategy" which became the basis for various gambling techniques and strategies. In the 1980s, an MIT professor developed his own card-counting technique that he used to successfully beat many Las Vegas gambling houses. The twist of blackjack is that you could theoretically gain an advantage over the casino. 

The 1990s were a new phase in the development of blackjack. Notably, blackjack was the first game to be brought into the virtual environment, not the slots as some claim. Since then, there have been many versions of the card game that are now available on Arabic casino websites. Thanks to the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, blackjack games have reached a new level, and players can now bet on Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and some other popular digital coins. Given the unique features of digital money, the ability to play Bitcoin blackjack is a real boon for Arab players. 

Features and Benefits of Bitcoin Blackjack

Many online casinos have recently emerged that accept cryptocurrency as a payment method. These range from centralized platforms that convert BTC into domestic currency as well as decentralized ones that interact directly with the blockchain. Whichever website you choose, you can reap the following benefits from playing Bitcoin Blackjack:

  • The main feature of Bitcoin blackjack is that you will be able to deposit using your cryptocurrency savings. To get access to BTC blackjack, you just need to find a good Arabic gambling website that supports crypto payments. A good choice might be VipArabClub, which accepts Bitcoin, the number one token in terms of market capitalization and exchange rate.
  • Bitcoin can give you anonymity at online casinos. By choosing the decentralized iGaming platform, you will only provide your crypto wallet details for registration and authorization. However, we do not recommend playing on decentralized websites, since no one can guarantee that your winnings will be paid in full.
  • Cryptocurrency provides fast and secure financial transactions. The average turnaround time for a request on the BTC network is 10 minutes. This means that you can withdraw your cryptocurrency winnings almost instantly. In addition, all data is securely protected by cryptographic methods, so you don't have to worry about the safety of your information and money.
  • Bitcoin blackjack has a very wide range of bets accepted. You can bet from a few thousandths of a BTC to a whole coin (in some rare versions), making Bitcoin Blackjack accessible to almost any type of gambler. 

VipArabClub is a centralized iGaming platform that you can trust with your BTC deposit. By connecting your crypto wallet as a payment method, you can quickly make a deposit and play almost any game available in the virtual lobby, including blackjack. In addition, you'll be able to withdraw your winnings to your crypto wallet. Deciding to play with cryptocurrency, you can get a lucrative bonus from VipArabClub reserved especially for crypto depositors. 

Some Risks Associated with Crypto Casino Gaming

If you don't already have crypto savings - and you want to try Bitcoin blackjack - you need to buy some digital assets first. Keep in mind that Bitcoin is a next-generation digital asset that works like money. However, unlike fiat (national) currencies, Bitcoin has no physical representation. It is essentially just a record that you have some amount of BTC stored in a distributed database. Despite that, Bitcoin has real value, so it is worth considering. However, before you make your first crypto deposit, you should be aware of some of the risks associated with using Bitcoin for gambling:

  • Bitcoin is a highly volatile currency. This means that BTC's exchange rate can change in the blink of an eye on things happening in the global economy, various news stories and even the statements of opinion leaders.
  • Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. If you mistakenly send a certain amount of digital coins, you will not be able to reverse the transaction. So, always check crypto wallet addresses carefully and copy them instead of typing them in manually.
  • There is always the risk of falling for a rogue decentralized iGaming platform. Since the Bitcoin network is not state-run, you won't be able to penalize a fraudster or challenge them in court. That's why we recommend playing on centralized platforms like VipArabClub which support a lot of payment options, including both Bitcoin and traditional banking methods. 

It is interesting to know that Bitcoin's volatility can also play to your advantage. If you win some money in Bitcoin blackjack, you can hold on to your winnings until BTC appreciates. 

How to Play Bitcoin Blackjack

The addition of BTC as an alternative payment option in online casinos has not led to a dramatic change in the rules of online blackjack. It's essentially the same game where you need to build up a higher-value hand than the dealer and not go over 21 points. Once the game starts, the dealer will draw two cards for you and himself. The following options are available to you:

  • Hit - ask the dealer to deal another card. This makes sense if your hand is low (you have low-value cards in your hand).
  • Stand - don't draw an additional card and play your existing hand. This option is usually chosen when the value of the original hand is quite high.
  • Split - to split your starting hand into separate ones.
  • Double down - this option doubles your bet and asks the dealer to deal another card.
  • Surrender - an opportunity to win back half of your bet if you feel you can't make a winning hand. 

Although bitcoin blackjack may seem complicated to a beginner, you won't spend too much time learning the rules. Moreover, good Arabian online casinos allow you to play RNG-based BTC blackjack in a risk-free mode. However, in order to succeed with blackjack, you need to learn the basic strategy. Created based on computer simulations, the basic strategy prescribes your optimal moves based on the value of your current hand. Using this strategy, you will reduce your house advantage to a paltry 0.5%. So, the more time you invest in learning blackjack, the less amount of your crypto savings you will lose even in a worst-case scenario. 

Closing Thoughts

Similar in many ways to the regular version of the game, Bitcoin blackjack can add to the thrill of the experience as you risk your crypto savings. In order not to cloud your gambling experience, choose a reliable Arabic online casino that accepts Bitcoin. It's better to opt for a centralized platform, even though you will lose the advantage of anonymity.

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