Online Slots vs Online Roulette at Kuwait Online Casino – Important Things to Know

Online Slots vs Online Roulette at Kuwait Online Casino – Important Things to Know


Taking a quick glance at these actually quite different games, online slots and live roulette can seem quite similar. By joining the Kuwaiti online casino VipArabClub, you can try your hand at both slot machines and roulette. In both the former and the latter, these are games about spins. That is, you just need to make a bet and start spinning the reels (in slots) or the roulette wheel to find out what Lady Luck has in store for you. However, what should you spin first? 

Looking ahead, there are advantages and disadvantages to any of these gambling options, because nothing's perfect in this world. However, perhaps the advantages of slots - or roulette - outweigh the disadvantages. Moreover, for most Kuwaiti gamblers, casinos are associated with slots and roulette. Although there are many more exciting games like online blackjack, baccarat and live poker, they require some knowledge and skill. As for roulette and slots, they are as simple as two times two - and yet provide quite a rewarding gaming experience - so let's do a little comparative analysis of these two gambling games. 

Essentials of Online Slots

Invented back in the 19th century, slot machines have quite a long history. From gambling machines with mechanical reels to online applications, they've come a long way before they hit the screens of your desktop or mobile devices. The old-fashioned slots had a coin-operated device, and players had to pull a physical lever to get the reels spinning. Today, however, by joining VipArabClub, you can play hundreds of online slots where your winnings are just a click away. So, while slots are considered to be the easiest online casino games to play, you'll need to spend a little time learning how they work, especially if you're new to them. Here are a few things to know about slots machines:

  • Any slot is a chance game where the outcome of the game is determined by luck (random number generator to be exact). This means that there cannot be any strategy that guarantees a 100% result. However, you can use some betting systems which were originally invented by roulette players, and this is what makes these games close.
  • To play a round, you need to select the paylines you wish to play with, as well as the bet amount. With some of the slots in the VipArabClub lobby, paylines are fixed, which means you will not be able to change their number. We advise you to play as many paylines as you can, to ensure that you get the highest winning chances.
  • Once you have selected the paylines and specified your stake, simply click the Spin button to get the reels spinning. Just a moment later, you will see the game result. Typically, a winning combination is a sequence of three matching icons on any active payline. The first symbol in a sequence must be on the leftmost reel, but the rules vary from slot to slot. 

While many online slots still operate like their 19th-century mechanized prototypes, game studios are coming up with new concepts, game engines, and in-game bonuses to provide even more exciting gaming experiences. So, there are Megaways slots offering tens or even hundreds of thousands of paylines called Ways to Win. There are also titles featuring Cluster Pays, an engine that works a little differently. Instead of landing sequences of identical symbols, you have to create clusters horizontally, vertically or even diagonally. Since modern slots have gone too far in terms of different extras, you should start with old-school games to get a better understanding of how slot machines work. 


This is one of the most important parameters that essentially determines how generous a slot is. Simply subtract the RTP from 100%, and you get the house advantage inherent in the slot. For example, when playing Book of Dead, a terrific title with a pretty high RTP of 96.2%, you should realize that the house advantage of the game is 3.8%. The higher the RTP, the more of the money you spend on betting over a lengthy playing session you can get back in theory. 


Slots work like a black box, as you don't know what's going on inside. However, you probably want to know how often winning combinations will land, and volatility can give you an idea of that. Thus, slots with high volatility make payouts infrequently, but the amounts can be impressive. As for low-volatility slots, they are ideal for casuals and beginners as they generate combinations quite often. 

Online Roulette

Roulette, with its rather complex betting layout at first glance, may seem like a more difficult game to master. However, once you understand the Inside and Outside Bets, you will change your view of the game for the better. After only taking 5 minutes to learn the rules, you can enjoy American, European and several other versions of roulette available at VipArabClub's gaming collection. The game is all about guessing which pocket of the wheel the ball will end up in when it stops. You can either make very risky - and potentially lucrative - single bets or you can cover groups of numbers to have higher winning chances. So, here are some important things to know about roulette before you try your hand at it:

  • Because roulette offers a wide range of betting options, you can control the volatility of the game. For example, with less risky Outside Bets, you will win more often, but payouts will be at fairly low odds. If you want to go for the big risk, then both Insider Bets and Racetrack are available.
  • The wheels of the European and American versions of roulette are significantly different. For example, the American-style game has an extra sector and this affects both winning odds and house advantage (higher than in the European version).
  • Roulette payouts are not as impressive as in slots. However, by placing a big bet, you can still win something substantial. 

VipArabClub also has live roulette on offer. As for slots, they are not available in the live casino section on the gambling website, as it’s not necessary. Although some providers have attempted to deliver a more realistic slot machine game experience, their ideas have not been massively adopted. So, if you want to feel like you're in a real gambling hall, then live roulette is your best choice. However, because you'll be interacting with a physical roulette wheel - albeit remotely - the gameplay may not be as fast as with an RNG-based game. However, live roulette offers a much wider betting range, which is especially appealing to high rollers. Finally, live roulette has been designed for those looking for a more authentic experience without having to go to the nearest land-based casino. 

Live Roulette vs Online Slots: What to Choose?

Although roulette is not the most complicated online casino game, you will still need to spend some time understanding how it works. As for slots, they are much easier to grasp. Another drawback to roulette is that the Inside Bets are risky, so many Arab gamblers prefer to stick with the Outside Bets, which do not offer big payouts. Online slots, on the other hand, can provide a far more rewarding gaming experience. Step inside any online slot machine's payout tables and you'll find that the top prize can be x200-x10,000 the bet size and even higher. What's more, there are progressive jackpot slots which have been accumulating top prizes for months to make some lucky player a millionaire. Although there are some versions of roulette with a progressive jackpot, they are quite rare. 

So, both online slots and roulette are terrific games that every Kuwait player should try. There really isn't much point in comparing these two rather different gambling games, as each has its own merits and they generally complement each other well. You can start with slots if you don't have any gambling experience yet. However, roulette can also be a good entry point into the world of gambling, as its game rules are also quite simple. After playing an intense roulette session, you're likely looking to relax, and the online slots available from VipOnlineClub's gaming catalogue can help you unwind.

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