Online Slot Terminology

Online Slot Terminology


Low Volatility: This term refers to machines that offer the least amount of risk to players. This means that players are more likely to win back their bets with frequent small and moderate wins, but are unlikely to see any significant wins.

Max Stake: This is the maximum amount a player is allowed to bet on in each turn of a slot machine game.

Medium Volatility Machines: Medium volatility machines provide players with an opportunity to win and lose larger amounts than low volatility machines, but do not have the same degree of risk as high volatility machines.

Minimum Stake: This is the lowest cash amount a player can wager on each turn of the machine.

Mobile / Mobile-compatible Machine: In the past, it was not possible to log into casinos or games via internet except through a desktop, but the emergence of gambling via mobile devices means that developers are now designing games that can be played on a mobile device.

These are also called mobile-friendly, mobile-optimized, mobile-ready machines, or portable-device-compatible machines.

Mobile / Roving Wildland: This type of “Wildland Machine” lands on the reels as usual and then changes its position, which may benefit the player by hitting different propulsion lines.

Multiplier: This is a factor in which the win doubles. The multiplier can be linked to specific symbols in a game or as a standalone feature. The multipliers can increase the win dramatically.

Network Grand Prize / Combined Jackpot: This type of jackpot contains a pool of jackpots that grow thanks to players' bets across the network of casinos that host the entire game. Since so many players “contribute”, the prizes can become very large.

Caution: This is a machine feature that changes icons with one or more spaces after the spin is complete. It can help players to win further.

One-arm Slot Machine: This is a nickname for the slot machine in which the player pulls a handle (meaning one "arm") to play. And because most losing players feel robbed, comes the reference to "bandits".

Pay Line: This is a built-in mode within machine games. When the tokens land in this mode, it gives the player a win. The push lines usually go from left to right, but some machines have push lines that go in both directions across the game screen.

Payout Table: This is the part of the slot game that displays all the information about the symbols and features within the game. It is usually accessed from a button at the bottom of the screen.

Progressive Jackpot: A progressive jackpot is one that continues to grow as players continue to wager. Grand Prizes can be both local and online.

Reel: This is the vertical section of the machine that contains symbols and turns when a player presses or clicks the "Spin" button. The machines can have three or more reels.

Re-spin: This feature means to spin the reel again once the initial spin is complete. The feature can be activated through specific features or icons. The bet level remains the same and in some cases some symbols may remain fixed on the reels as well.

Random Number Generator / RNG: Slot games are designed with RNG software. This ensures that each individual cycle is completely random with no discernible pattern of outcome.

RNG means the games are completely fair. Game developers can only release their products once they pass the final audit that tests that the RNG program meets the fair play criteria.

Row: This is the horizontal section of the machine that houses all the symbols that line up side by side on the pulleys. The machines can have three or more rows.

Scatters: The scatter symbol in a slot machine game is of the highest value and often depicts a unique element of the game; such as a character or a central impulse. Landing multiple scatter icons can sometimes trigger an additional feature.

Slot Machines / Slots: Slot machines allow players to bet on a set of spinning reels. This term usually refers to the physical machine which is commonly found in casinos, bars and betting shops. "Slot" usually refers to the online virtual equivalent.

Slot Machine Championship: This is a type of competition that is popular among casino players. The casino will place a challenge such as wagering a specific amount or amazing bonus features in a particular game and will reward those who complete that challenge the fastest.

Tournaments can include leaderboard items that help track players' progress.

Stacked Wild: In a machine that has the “Stacked Wild” feature, wild symbols can appear on top of each other on the reel. The result is similar to “Expanding Wilds”, meaning that Wilds take more spaces, thus improving the chances of winning.

Sticky Wild: This type of “Wild Machines” will remain locked in place for more than one spin. It is often included in other features such as re-spinning or free spins.

Symbol: The forms on the game reels are called “symbols”. Each type has a value assigned to it and some icons can activate features.

RTP / Return to Player: The game's RTP value gives a theoretical indication of how much money the player is betting and which he is likely to win as a percentage of the total bets. This is calculated over the long term so players should not expect to recover the value shown by RTP in each spin.

Pot Total: This is the total amount a player wagers in each turn when considering the bets on each pay line.

Variation: Also known as volatility, variance is the amount of risk involved in gambling. Low variance machines are considered as low risk and high variance machines are also considered high risk. The different levels of contrast will attract different types of players.

Video Gaming Machines: The term video gaming machine is another way to refer to machines over the Internet.

Volatility: Volatility is a method of describing the rate of risk in playing a machine. The term "contrast" may also be used. High volatility machines are more risky as players are likely to lose a lot before achieving a win, which is likely to be very significant.

Moving / Roving Wildland: This type of wild symbol appears for the first time on the reels and then once the spin is complete, it will change its position in a predetermined direction. “Wandering Wilds” is often seen as part of the game's bonus feature.

Wild: The Wild symbol can replace any other s

ymbol, except for special characters such as Bonus or Scatter symbols. Some Wilds machines assign a high value, and in some cases Wilds behave differently when bonus features are activated.

Winning in both Directions: This phrase indicates that the gambling game will count wins across the pay lines in both directions via the game screen. In machines that do not win in both directions, the winning combinations are usually left to right.

Winning Combination: When a set of identical or compatible tokens are lined up on the pay line, this is called a winning combination and the player will be rewarded when this happens.

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