How to play Live Caribbean Stud Poker

How to play Live Caribbean Stud Poker


If you are familiar with online poker, then learning how to play Live Caribbean Stud Poker will be a doddle. Knowing the basics of five-card stud poker, ultimately helps you to learn how to play Caribbean Stud Poker. It is indeed a very easy game to learn and to play. But you must remember that you are playing against the Dealer and not against other players. There is no need to sharpen your online poker strategy here. It is, however, a supreme way to win money and although you won’t be able to sit and relax while you’re playing, get ready to make some exciting yet thrilling decisions.

How do you play Live Caribbean Stud Poker

The live version of this table game is played using a 52-card deck that is exchanged after each hand for a freshly shuffled deck. You kick off the game by placing an Ante bet, which is then followed by 5 cards being dealt out. The dealer then receives his 5 cards, with one card shown face-up.

You can then proceed to decide on whether you want to place an extra bet or else to fold. When you have reached your decision, the dealer proceeds to reveal his remaining 4 cards. The hand with the highest value is declared the winner.

The main aim of this game is for you to beat the dealer by creating a poker hand that is stronger than the dealer’s. At the start of the game, you and the dealer are dealt 5 cards each. While you have the opportunity to look at your cards right away, you only get to see one of the dealer’s hole cards. The rules are fairly easy to comprehend so you can easily increase your chances by applying a few sharp strategies.

What is a Caribbean Stud Ante?

The Caribbean Stud Ante is a compulsory bet that must be made to be able to participate. Unless you make this ante bet, you are unable to play Live Caribbean Stud Poker.

Is there a strategy for Live Caribbean Stud Poker?

Of course, there is and we will present it to you in its simplest forms as follows:

  • Try to avoid folding pairs. This is one of the most common mistakes that beginners make based on their knowledge of poker. When it comes to this table game, you will notice that you are getting pairs quite frequently. In the long run, pairs tend to accumulate value and folding will cost you big.
  • Don’t play weak hands. If you have weak or unplayable hands, don’t bother and fold. Again, you’re quite likely to lose money here. Fold if you have a hand that is weaker than the King and Ace combo.
  • If you are to play the Ace and King combination option, do it properly. So, if you get this strong two-card combination, you should only play if the other card in your hand is an exact match of the dealer’s hold card. This, in turn, guarantees you victory since your hand is essentially strong enough to beat the dealer’s.

Moving on from the basics

Once you have completely mastered the basics of this game, you can proceed ahead to apply a more advanced strategy. To fully implement this strategy, you need to convert this table game into a player-friendly version by:

  • Raise on a hand entailing pairs or better
  • Fold whenever you have a hand that is lower than the Ace and King combination

If, on the other hand, your initial two cards are an Ace and a King, here’s what to do:

  • Raise if your third cards is either a Queen or a Jack or if the dealer’s upcard is a King or an Ace
  • Raise if the dealer’s hole card is a Queen or lower or if it forms a pair with a card in your hand.
  • Raise if their third card is a Queen and if you think that their fourth card is going to be better than the dealer’s upcard.

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