How to Plan Your Online Casino Gambling Activities Wisely

How to Plan Your Online Casino Gambling Activities Wisely


Before online casinos became such a widespread phenomenon, gambling was seen as something distant and available only to a small circle of people who regularly visited gambling houses. However, thanks to the rise of the iGaming industry, many things have changed and now almost every Arab player can afford to spend some money on online slots, live poker or baccarat. However, when it comes to spending your personal funds, you should calculate carefully how much you can afford to lose. 

The main mistake newbies to Arabic online casinos make is to spend their hard-earned money recklessly and often make emotional decisions that result in massive financial losses. Yes, you may get lucky at any time and leave the online casino with your wallet stuffed full of banknotes. But, sometimes, such expectations turn against the players. On the plus side, there are plenty of options to choose from at online casinos. And by understanding how to plan your gaming budget wisely, you'll be acting in your own best interest and not for the operator's profit. 

Know Your Net Income

Before you register with an Arabic online casino and make a deposit, make sure you have enough money left over for a living. In simple terms, you should calculate your monthly income first. Your monthly income is the sum of all the money you earn minus the taxes you have to pay. For example, if you are an employee, your monthly income is your salary. If you are self-employed, you need to calculate the profit you make from your business. Finally, if you are retired, you must calculate your pension accruals. 

Knowing your monthly income will make it easier to plan your budget, and specifically what you can afford to spend on gambling. Keep in mind that your gambling expenses should only constitute a small portion of your monthly income. Otherwise, gambling is not for you. Ideally, you should allocate an amount for online gambling activity that you are willing to part with forever. 

Calculate How Much You Spend on Gambling Per Month

Now that you know your monthly income, it is time to calculate how much you can afford to spend on online gambling over a period of time, for example, a month. It is a good idea to do the calculation even if you think that your gambling expenses are a tiny fraction of your monthly income. Determine how much you spend on food, school fees, rent, interest and other things. Don't forget to include expenses for clothing, car maintenance, vacations and other recreational activities. Now, subtract the expenses from your monthly income and you have free cash to spend on online casino games. From all of the above, it should be concluded that your gambling entertainment should never be in the first place. If you put online casino games above all else and spend too much on them, you should probably seek help. 

Know Your Gambling Costs If You're Not a Beginner

If you've been playing at Arabic online casinos for a while now, you may appreciate another important advantage the iGaming platforms have over land-based casinos, and that is your spending statistics. Any good Arab online casino allows its players to analyze their spending thanks to the statistics available in the casino profile. Just look at your spending per week or month to get an idea of how much you spend on gambling. 

Limit Your Gambling Budget

Now, it's time to get down to brass tacks, setting a limit on the maximum amount you can spend at an online casino. Basically, this is the amount of money you're willing to risk (and part with if luck isn't on your side). Here are a few mistakes beginners make:

  • Lack of understanding of how much you can spend at an online casino. This leads to uncontrollable spending, which ultimately affects your quality of life.
  • Lack of limits on the maximum amount you can afford to spend. Although it may appear that rich people can afford to gamble as much as they wish, they have actually achieved their wealth by being able to control their spending in the first place.
  • Making emotional decisions. If you hit a losing streak, it may seem that any next bet will bring a win that will cover all previous losses. In reality, you need to stick to the limits you set, as emotional decisions lead to uncontrollable gambling expenditures. 

Even if you are lucky enough to win a large sum, don't try to multiply it by betting outside your gambling budget. 

Know the Games You Play

Perhaps the worst thing you can do is treat online gambling as a way to make money. Most of the titles available in the virtual Arab casino lobby are chance games. This means that any gambling outcome is determined solely by chance and you have no way of influencing it. So, let's take a look at a few basic types of gambling games to understand how they work. 

Online Slots

Having become very popular back in the days when land-based casinos dominated, slot machines are pure chance games. To play them, all you have to do is set the bet size (and choose the number of paylines if they aren't fixed) and start spinning the reels. Any game result is determined by chance, and there is no strategy that can turn the game in your favor. This means you need to be extra cautious when playing online slots, and not go over budget. It would be ideal to choose online slots with some of the technical parameters listed below:

  • RTP. Each online slot has a money pool formed from the bets made by any players playing it. Part of this pool goes to the operator as a guaranteed profit, for example, 4% of the total amount of bets. The rest 96% is RTP, i.e., the part of funds that will be used for payment of winnings. Based on this, you should choose online slots with the highest RTP.
  • Volatility (dispersion). While some slots pay quite frequently but in small amounts, others disappoint with lengthy losing streaks, but can bring a single large payout that will cover your losing bets. The former belongs to the category of low-volatility slots, and they are recommended for beginners and players with a limited gambling budget.
  • Hit rate. This parameter is tied to volatility, but some reviewers prefer to indicate it additionally. In fact, the hit rate shows how often you will land a winning combination. 

Finally, be watchful of jackpot slots, especially those connected to the progressive jackpot system. The truth is that many jackpot slots have a fairly low RTP, so your costs may increase. 

Table Games

When playing live roulette at an Arabic online casino, you should understand that you are dealing with a game of chance similar to slots. However, things change when you play skill-based games like blackjack or poker. But do not be deluded into thinking that being able to influence the outcome of a game will keep you safe from gambling losses. While you can select a hit or a stand in blackjack, random cards are drawn from the deck, which means that the element of chance still plays an important role. Furthermore, since the introduction of blackjack versions played with 8 packs of cards continuously shuffled, the card-counting technique has become something of a useless cheat sheet. 

Don't Neglect Casino Bonuses but Use Them Wisely

With such generous welcome bonuses and packed loyalty schemes, online casinos seem like a safe place for your wallet. However, always check the promotion terms and conditions before you activate a bonus, as the truth is written in small letters. Since an online casino is a business run by the operator behind it (and a business is supposed to make money), it can't afford to give away money and free spins to Arab players for nothing. That's why virtually any online casino bonus is subject to wagering requirements. 

So, the wagering requirements are the first thing you should look at when choosing a promotion. Basically, it's a multiplier indicating how many times you need to wager the bonus money to unlock the withdrawal of your winnings. For example, you are offered KWD 10 as a bonus with an x60 wagering requirement. That means you need to deposit KWD 10 x 60 = KWD 600 to have a chance to meet the wagering requirements. Consider whether this amount is within your gambling budget. 

The Bottom Line

Gambling entertainment can provide you with an amazing pastime. However, don't forget that you are spending your hard-earned money on gambling. Stop thinking of online casino games as a way to make a living. Also, calculate your gambling budget and stick to it strictly.

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