How to Devise the Right Blackjack Strategy?

How to Devise the Right Blackjack Strategy?


One of the most popular casino games, the blackjack, is a legitimate chance to win jackpots in the long run. Only the right betting and tackling strategy can make a real difference between winning and losing the round. Sometimes luck also works, but for the most part, the right strategy helps you lessen the casino’s advantage to less than 5%. 

Blackjack is a skill game; the choices you’re going to make in deciding the cards reflect the odds of winning directly. If you want to play blackjack for fun and entertainment, you should go for free online blackjack at VipArabClub

We’re here with our complete guide on how you can devise a proper strategy to turn the odds in your favor. Let’s get right into the business! 

Blackjack –Let’s Explore the Basic Rules!

Beating the dealer’s hand without going beyond 21 is the basic goal of blackjack. Players place their bets before dealing with the cards. Each player starts placing the cards with the faces up, each worth 10. However, aces are worth 11 or 1. 

Dealer has two cards; one has a face-up and the other facing down until the player completes his hand. It’s up to you that you can go for another card or you can stay with your current hand. Moreover, you can hit further until you get satisfied with your hand. 

If you cross 21, you will eventually bust, and no matter the dealer’s hand, the dealer will win the round. The dealer has to keep his cards up to 17 or higher. 

The Basic Blackjack Strategy

There’s quite a lot to learn and remember if you want to maximize your winnings and minimize your house advantage. The basic blackjack strategy is planned to keep the statistics in mind. Basic strategy is actually a formula that decides the best way to play any hand. While reducing the house edge to the minimal, this strategy gives you a slight edge over the house. 

Keep good know-how on bankroll management and tricks to wager the money for optimal performance. Initially, the dealer will deal you with two cards; you have to respond by one of the following options. 

  1. Hitting –by taking an additional card
  2. Standing –by not taking any more cards
  3. Doubling –by double down your wager
  4. Splitting –by creating two hands from one single pair 
  5. Surrendering –by giving up to the dealer 
  • If you have 16 and the dealer shows 10, you simply have to surrender at the spot. If you can’t surrender, then go for hitting. 
  • When you’re not allowed to double, the strategy says to double, go for hitting and stand with 18. 
  • You can even place a side bet of up to half of the original when the dealer shows an ace. Never take insurance. The insurance bet pays 2 to 1 when the dealer has blackjack. However, the bet loses when the dealer doesn’t win the blackjack. 
  • Even when you get the blackjack, experts don’t recommend taking the even money. When the dealer shows an ace and you are dealt with blackjack, you’ll get an offer of even money payout. 

Never make bets on your gut feelings; make sure to apply one of these basic strategies to maximize your chances of winning. 

How to Learn these Blackjack Strategies, By The Way?

Start your game following the basic strategy if you’re a beginner. However, if you want to move a step ahead, you can switch to the perfect strategy for master blackjack. If you’re not keen on learning a lot, it’s a good idea to stick to the basic strategy. Although you might make a few mistakes using this method, it will help you perform best through most rounds. 

Some land-based casinos allow you to follow the blackjack charts when playing against the dealer. You can even print them out for your convenience, but keep in mind the dealer may get annoyed if you keep on looking at the charts again and again. 

For those who want to learn the perfect strategy, learning one chart at a time is the best approach. Moreover, you have to focus only on the specific type of blackjack that applies to your table. 

Managing the Online Blackjack Bankroll –An Important Step! 

There’s no doubt in saying that you can manage your bankroll using your common sense instead of some blackjack trick. The simplest rule to decide your investment is considering how much you can lose in one round. There’s no sense of thinking or hoping for your winnings while deciding your bankroll. 

For example, if you’re willing to invest $100 in gambling, it would be sillier to bet $30 per hand. This way, you’ll lose your money faster and get out of budget earlier. However, if you keep $1 per bet, you can play for longer without losing much money and getting out of budget. 

Moreover, it’s wiser to start betting from the lowest amount and then gradually increase it once you win a hand. You should immediately return to your original bet if you ever lose a bet. 

Choose a Blackjack with Fewer Card Decks

Before you get into the game, it’s always worth knowing the number of cards used by different online casinos. Basically, you have to keep track of all the cards you have already played. Many online casinos use RNG, which means shuffling cards after every round. It gets pretty challenging to keep track of the cards in this case. 

The house edge of blackjack is as low as 0.5% when you’re playing with a basic blackjack strategy. As the number of decks increases, the house edge reduces, and your winning chances significantly increase. We can summarize this as follows:

  • The single deck has a house edge of +0.02% player advantage
  • The double-deck has a house edge of -0.31% player advantage 
  • Four decks have a house edge of -0.48% player advantage 
  • Six decks have a house edge of -0.54% player advantage

Although there’s a slight difference in the house edge, it is still sufficient to create a huge difference between winning and losing the game. The most common online blackjack decks are between four to six, thus having better winning possibilities. 

The Player’s Favorite Act –Counting the Cards in Blackjack!

One of the best ways to tackle blackjack is by counting the cards appropriately. The basic blackjack strategy isn’t sufficient because it demands more understanding of tagging the cards and crunching the odds. Make sure that you’re following through the cards dealer is showing with every round. 

Beware! The casino will send you complimentary drinks if you are betting and winning much more. And what does that mean? It implies that the casino and the dealer are scrutinizing you, and the casino’s security teams will send you up for spot card counters. 

Most of the time, former card counters are used by the people. The blackjack counting strategy isn’t really hard to understand; you can simply assign values to all the cards using the Hi-Low System. You have to use ‘blanket values’ to categorize the group of cards to which values haven’t been assigned as follows:

  • 10, J, Q, K, and Ace: +1
  • 2-6: -1
  • 7, 8, and 9: 0

Once you assign these values in your mind and the dealer has dealt with the first cards, you can begin adding the numbers from a baseline of 0. Every time the dealer wants to shuffle, you have to reintroduce the number 0. Actually, you are following positive and negative to check the cards left in the deck. 

Winning or Losing the Hand –The Real Twist in Blackjack 

  • You have to make a value of 21 on your initial two cards, and the dealer should have a value other than 21. That’s all the blackjack is about –it pays off 3:2 on your initial investment!
  • Once you’ve played all your cards, you have to end up with a value of 21 or lower. Make sure this value remains still higher than the dealer’s value –you’ll get paid your initial investment. 
  • Keep your value less than 21 on the initial two cards while the dealer has the blackjack. 
  • When the dealer has a value of 21 or lesser, you must keep your value lower than 21. The value of the dealer is still higher than the player.
  • Simply go over 21 –that means bust! 
  • In the end, they ended up with the same value as dealer’s –neither is over 21 or below 21. 

You can go for insurance too! 

If hitting, standing, doubling, or splitting doesn’t seem to be a suitable option, you can go for insurance. Insurance is a type of side bet that comes into play only when the dealer shows an ace. This side bet can be up to half of your initial wager if you want to hedge your bet against the dealer who is having blackjack. The payout ratio is 2:1 only when the dealer has blackjack. You’ll lose the insurance bet if the dealer doesn’t have blackjack. 


Blackjack is the core of casinos –either online or land-based. You can make your name to the jackpot winners within a little time by just following a few basic strategies. You can simply turn the tables and all the odds in your favor and make your initial investment into great winnings by following the strategies mentioned above. 

However, if you’re here just to try your luck out –it would be sillier to make any investment. Go for the free versions of blackjack offered by most casinos! Try them out today!

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