How and Why Check Online Slots RTP at Online Casinos

How and Why Check Online Slots RTP at Online Casinos


In recent years, online slots have become one of the most popular and sought-after forms of gambling entertainment for those who prefer to play via the web interface. With exciting themes, simple game rules as well as exciting in-game bonuses, online slots offer Arabic players good chances of big winnings. While they were originally quite simple in terms of game mechanics, today you can choose from a wide range of advanced titles with innovative game engines and extras. 

However, regardless of which online slots you prefer, RTP is still one of the most important parameters to check. Since RTP has a direct correlation to house advantage, you should go through several titles and choose the one with the highest RTP. This article will tell you how online slots work and what the RTP is, as well as why it's important to check the RTP before you place any real money bets

Interesting Facts About Slot Games

Slot machines as a form of gambling entertainment date back to the late 19th century. Their creator is thought to be an American inventor named Charles Fey. Although the first slot machines paid out prizes in the form of fruit-flavoured chewing gum, they later became more sophisticated and advanced, with a cash-prize payout feature. Thanks to the advent of Internet technology, when it became technically possible to conduct gambling through online services, things have changed a lot. So, here are a few interesting facts about online slots that you should know:

  • The first online slot was introduced in 1994 by Microgaming, the pioneer of the online gambling industry. That same year Microgaming launched its first online gaming club. Since not every home had an internet connection at the time, online slots didn't gain immediate popularity.
  • Online slots, like many other online casino games, use Random Number Generator (RNG) to generate random game results. Thanks to the implementation of RNG, gaming studios have been able to create quality online slots that generate fair and unbiased game results.
  • Microgaming is also one of the first to introduce progressive jackpot slots capable of generating life-changing payouts. Mega Moolah, Microgaming's progressive jackpot slot, has made it into the Guinness Book of World Records as an online gambling machine generating a large jackpot payout of several million dollars.
  • To ensure high entertainment value, modern game studios are releasing slots with themes that range from simple fruit to ancient civilizations, superheroes, and fantasy worlds. Thanks to the addition of eye-catching graphics and cinematic animations, online slots now feel just like popular PC games.
  • Slots have a Return to Player ratio (RTP) which can vary greatly from game to game. The higher the RTP, the better your chances of winning. However, RTP works a little more complicated than that, and we'll explain more about that below. 

Whether you're a seasoned online slot player or just starting out, you should pay attention to things like RTP and volatility levels when choosing slot games to ensure you have the most exciting and rewarding experience. 

How Online Slots Work

Although reputable online gambling sites such as VipArabClub offer a huge variety of classic casino games such as online roulette, live blackjack and baccarat, slots still dominate the online gambling industry. According to most online gamblers, online slots are ideal for those taking their first steps into online gambling. However, modern slots are much more than just spinning reels and combinations of identical symbols. So, before you play any slot game you should get to know how it works. Below we'll talk about the main aspects and elements of online slots so you can learn how to choose games wisely. 


The RNG is the heart of most modern online casino games, and the exception is live dealer gambling, a new type of online casino gambling introduced by Evolution Gaming. So, think of RNG as the computer software that replaces the physical reels to make online slots fair and random. These are the aspects of the game that RNG is responsible for:

  • What is the next symbol to land on the reels? Online slots use a variety of symbols which can be in the form of playing cards, fruits and different objects. Each symbol has a value which you can easily determine by checking out the Paytable section. The higher the value of a symbol featured in a winning combination, the higher your prize money will be. So, the RNG randomly chooses what will be the next symbol you see in the game window.
  • What's the position of the new symbol on the game grid? While online slots differ in the number of reels and horizontal symbol lines, they all have a playing field, also referred to as a game grid. Firstly, the RNG randomly selects a new symbol from the list of available symbols. Then, the RNG decides in what place on the playing grid the selected symbol will be. This happens as long as the game grid is filled with new symbols. As for the spinning reels, this is just the computer animation made by slot game designers to make the online slot visually similar to its offline counterparts.
  • What will be the next bonus feature? Modern slots have a variety of bonus features and extras, including re-spins, free spins, themed mini-games, and 'Gamble'. The RNG decides at what point in the game you get access to some in-game bonus features. This ensures that everything in the game window is completely random. 

The RNG is a computer algorithm, which is subject to inspection by independent experts. For example, VipArabClub casino cooperates with recognizable independent auditors that regularly check various aspects of the iGaming platform including the RNG used in the games. The certificates from the independent auditors are an extra guarantee that the games are fair and randomly generated. 

Return to Player Ratio (RTP)

Online slots are games of chance with a house advantage. To determine what it is, you need to find out the RTP percentage. Let's say you've chosen an online slot with an RTP of 97%. That means that over the course of a long game session, you could get back 3 cents out of every dollar you spend on bets. So, to calculate the house advantage, you need to subtract the RTP value from 100%. In the case of the slot from the example above, the house advantage is 3%. That being said, it's not hard to guess that the higher the RTP, the lower the house advantage in the slot game.

 The key advantage online slots have over their land-based counterparts is that they have a higher RTP. Because an online casino can serve far more customers in the same amount of time than a land-based gambling establishment, iGaming platform operators can afford to lower the house advantage in the games they offer. So, if you prefer slot machines to other forms of gambling, you should play them online at a reliable gambling site like VipArabClub. 


While RTP describes the house advantage of a slot, volatility is all about the frequency of winning combinations and payout multipliers. For example, by choosing a low-volatility slot, you will see symbols forming winning combinations quite often. However, such combinations have rather low payout multipliers. As for high-volatility slots, they work completely the other way around. This means that high-volatility slots can produce life-changing payouts, but do so very rarely. 

Lately, many gambling studios have been focusing on high-volatility slot games because the opportunity to win big is the most appealing to gambling enthusiasts. However, there are still plenty of low-volatility slots in VipArabClub's gaming collection. Generating payouts quite frequently, they are ideal for newcomers, casual players and those who fulfil the wagering requirements of a casino bonus. 

Why RTP Matters

So, if you haven't tried your hand at online slots yet, you should choose games based on the RTP. Here are the main reasons why this parameter is so important to consider when choosing slot games:

  • RTP can vary greatly from game to game. While slots designed for casual players boast high RTPs of 95-98%, progressives come with low return-to-player ratios of just 85-90%, making them risky games for extended playing sessions.
  • RTP affects profitability in the long run. To win more often and bigger, choose slots with the highest possible RTP.
  • RTP determines the winning odds. Since RTP is how a player's odds of winning relate to the house advantage, the higher this parameter is, the better for you. Also, by playing a long particular slot with a high RTP, you are guaranteed to lose less than you would in a slot with a low RTP.
  • This parameter is important for those who prefer to use online casino bonuses. Since almost any bonus comes with wagering requirements, slots with high RTP and low volatility are better to meet those requirements. 

To find out the RTP of a particular online slot, search for its review online. Some casino sites also post information about their games, including the RTP value. On VipArabClub's website, you'll find a lot of useful information about the games available as well as tips that can make you a better gambler.

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