Horse Racing Betting Guide for Beginners – How to Bet Online

Horse Racing Betting Guide for Beginners – How to Bet Online


People have been betting on sporting events for centuries and today this has grown into a huge industry attracting the attention of many of Kuwait's bettors. Among the many different sports like football, ice hockey and cricket, horse racing deserves special attention. To understand how horse racing works, you have to start with the basics by studying the betting markets, the betting options available and understanding the sport in general. 

That doesn't mean you have to saddle up and ride a horse to understand how it works. You can simply watch horse racing on the television or via YouTube. Alternatively, you can access a huge number of broadcasts directly from the Arabic sportsbook's website. By joining an online betting platform, you will not only be updated with the latest horse racing news but you can also place your bets. In the age of digital technology, bettors have almost unlimited possibilities for betting on horse racing. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the sport to get you off to a successful start. 

Race Types

If you already have experience betting on football or cricket matches, then you can quickly get used to a sport that is new to you. Horse racing has its own specific characteristics and therefore some bets are different from what you are used to dealing with. However, before you start, you need to find out what types of horse racing there are - check them out below:

  • Flat. With the jockey riding the horses on synthetic tracks, turf or dirt, this is the most common type of race. To be successful, you need to look closely at the horses in the race. Take into account whether the horse knows how to work with the particular track material and what distances it can tackle.
  • Harness. Instead of saddling the horse, the jockey rides in a harness and the horse must run at a trot. Bet on the horses that have been shown to be the most successful and disciplined in this type of racing.
  • Steeplechasing. In this type of racing, horses have to overcome various obstacles. Bettors are advised to bet on mares, as it is easier for them to overcome obstacles on the track. 

If you are new to horse racing betting, Flat races are where you need to start. 

Types of Horse Racing Betting

Before choosing a betting option, you should be aware that the bookmaker sets the odds on anyone. For example, you have selected a horse with odds of 5/1 to win. That means that if the horse wins the race, you will get 5 times the amount of your bet. In addition, a sportsbook will refund your bet.


The first bet you should start with is the 'Win Only' single bet. By selecting this betting option, you will actually bet on the particular horse that - in your opinion - should win the race. You can also bet on the second or third place if you wish. 

Simple betting options also include Straight and Reverse bets. Straight are bets on which horses finish in first and second place, respectively. As for the Reverse option, it is a bet on the two horses that come first on the line, and the order does not matter. 

As you get more familiar with horse racing, you can move on to some of the more sophisticated betting options. For example, Tricast is available where you need to guess which horses come first, second and third respectively. Tricast can escalate into quadruple and quintuple accumulator bets. Although they are quite risky, the payouts are impressive. 

To provide an even more exciting betting experience, sportsbooks have introduced many other betting options, where Trixie deserves special attention. With the Trixie option, you can pick one horse each in three different races. You need to guess at least two of the three who finish first in the various races for your bet to result in a prize payout. 

Picking the Right Horse

So, now that you have an idea of the types of horse racing and some popular betting markets, it's time to figure out how to pick the horse that will win. As bettors say, choosing the right horse is more about art than science. However, there are many strategies for picking the most successful horses that prove they have a point. But there is no one strategy that guarantees that you will win every bet you make. So, here are some important factors to consider when choosing a horse:

  • Rankings. There are organisations that rank horses based on their key indicators. And such ratings are the first thing you should look at if you are new to the sport.
  • Racing history. To assess a horse's strength, look at its racing history to see when and at which tracks it has won. Also, keep in mind that horses need to rest and recover. For example, if a horse has raced gruelling races for a month, it will most likely not perform at its best. Pay attention to the age of the horse and how long it has been in the sport. Horses that have been racing for two or more years are regarded as having passed their peak performance and are on the decline.
  • The fitness and health of the horse. Prior to racing, horses warm up and this is when you can assess the current state of your prospective favourite. Each horse undergoes a thorough examination by a veterinarian. However, there is no guarantee that your horse is in perfect health. Look closely at the horse's behaviour to see what the actual condition is before the race.
  • Jockey. The skill of the jockey will determine the success of your bet. Prefer a jockey whose horse has won the most races. 

You can simply choose horses with names you like, but this is unlikely to be a great winning strategy. Many seasoned bettors pay attention to things like the horse's current form, the jockey's skills, the horse's trainer, the weather conditions and other factors. Also keep in mind that the early odds at the bookies may be different from the odds they put out just before the race. 


Horse racing is an impressive spectacle and no wonder it's a favourite sport in many countries around the world, including Kuwait. But horse racing can be even more intriguing and exciting when you're betting with real money. If you're willing to rely solely on luck, there is no need to delve deeper into learning the sport. However, if you want to take some control of the betting results, there are many things you should learn. In the end, even if your horse doesn't win, you will still have an unforgettable experience with horse racing betting.

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