Common Blackjack Myths and Their Debunking

Common Blackjack Myths and Their Debunking


Every online casino game, whether it's online roulette with its 300-year history or online slots which are relatively new, is a subject of much discussion. There are plenty of online casino games that can be played at Arabic online casinos. One of the most talked-about games is live blackjack, the amazingly strategic card game that draws crowds at the VipArabClub casino. The objective of blackjack is to have a higher-valued hand than the dealer (but no more than 21). A combination of 21 is known as 'blackjack' and pays 3:2 (6:5 in some versions of the game). You may therefore still encounter the alternative name for online blackjack, the 'twenty-one' game. During its long history in the gambling industry, blackjack has changed and improved, and various myths and legends have been formed about it. We're here to give you a brief history of blackjack, as well as to debunk some popular myths about the game. 

Blackjack's History

Although there is still some debate about the origins of blackjack, it most likely originated in 18th century Italy or France when gambling houses were already quite popular. There is also a theory that the prototype of blackjack was introduced by the Romans and was played with numbered dice instead of playing cards. During the 18th century, the game could not spread across France due to gambling restrictions. However, it reached the shores of the New World where it became highly popular. It was the Americans who made the game what it is today, as French blackjack, for example, only allowed the dealer to double down. 

The most rapid development and growth in popularity came in the 20th century. Although it was still called 'twenty-one' at first, the game soon changed its name to simply blackjack. In order to promote this exciting new option, gambling houses were offering all sorts of bonuses on it. The Nevada Gaming Commission played a special role in shaping modern blackjack. Determined by the Commission, the rules of blackjack have survived almost unchanged to this day. 

Many myths about blackjack were created in the middle of the 20th century when a group of scientists investigated the game. They ran computer simulations and derived a basic strategy that indicated the best course of action for any given gaming situation. With a basic strategy, the casino's edge is reduced to 0.5%, much lower than in slots or European Roulette for example. Another milestone in the history of blackjack is the introduction of card-counting techniques, with which the player gains a slight edge over the gambling house. 

Perhaps the most significant event in the history of blackjack is the emergence of the online gambling industry in the mid-1990s. Steadily popular in land-based gambling establishments, blackjack was the first gambling game to be brought onto the World Wide Web. Since then, many more advanced versions of the game have appeared, and the list of blackjack myths has grown considerably. 

Popular Blackjack Myths Debunked

Myths about casino games can make them both interesting and discourage newcomers from trying something new. One of the myths about Roulette, for instance, is that it's an evil game because the sum of the numbers on the wheel is 666, which is the Number of the Beast. However, it is only an unfortunate coincidence that is worth turning a blind eye to and enjoying the game to its fullest. Myths about blackjack are also very varied. Below we take a look at a few popular myths and debunk them. 

Dealer Can Get into the Winning Streak

The myth that there are so-called hot dealers winning all the time comes from land-based gambling houses. However, it also applies to live casino blackjack played with a real dealer. Frequent dealer wins can be attributed to several things. Firstly, random chance, as blackjack is a game of chance and strategy in equal measure. Secondly, the casino always has some advantage over the players. Third, a player who consistently loses to the dealer may not have a brilliant grasp of the gaming rules. When playing blackjack at an Arabic online casino, you should be aware that the previous result has no bearing on the subsequent ones.

Dealer Always Gives Himself a 10

Some players think for some reason that the dealer's starting hand necessarily contains a card worth 10 points. But this has nothing to do with reality, as all cards are carefully shuffled before they are dealt. This myth most likely applies to RNG-based blackjack, where you're playing against a computer and a virtual deck is used. However, after playing a few rounds of online RNG-based blackjack, you'll see that this myth is not true. 

Card Counting Technique Is Illegal

To begin with, there is no law in any country in the world prohibiting the use of card counting techniques in blackjack. Another thing is the way the counters are perceived by casino operators. There have been several stories of card counters achieving huge success in land-based casinos, with the MIT team being perhaps the most prominent case. Indeed, many land-based casinos perceive the use of card counting techniques as illegitimate behavior and ask the counters to leave the gaming establishment. However, when you play at Arabic online casinos, you may feel comfortable using the card counting technique. Keep in mind that there is no point in it when you are playing RNG-based blackjack, as it is handled from virtual decks.  

Betting Systems Increase Your Winning Odds

Any betting system is simply a model of betting behavior that tells you what you should bet if you win or lose. There are so-called progressive betting systems that recommend that you double your bet if you lose. The idea is that any subsequent winnings will cover your losses. However, there is always the risk of going over your bankroll. The most important thing here is that betting systems do not affect your winning odds in any way. Instead, they increase the risk of big losses. But to be completely honest, betting systems can also lead you to some pretty big wins. 

Blackjack Is the Game with the Lowest House Edge

This is both true and untrue - 2 in 1. The fact is that the house advantage of a paltry 0.5% is only achieved when you clearly follow the guidelines of the basic strategy. Making even a small mistake can lead to a dramatic increase in home advantage. And even your advantage over the house, formed through the use of card-counting techniques, is no guarantee that you'll win every time. If fate has it that you only get weak cards, you won't come out a winner. 

You Can't Win Blackjack Without Good Math Skills

This is not true, as even a complete beginner can win at blackjack at least once. This myth probably emerged in the wake of the popularization of the card-counting technique, as with it, you can gain around a 1% advantage over the house. As mentioned above, even knowing how to count cards doesn't guarantee that you'll win every game round. A 1% advantage just means that your winnings will be higher than the money spent on betting in the game anyway. 

Blackjackers Can Switch Quickly to Baccarat

Although blackjack may look similar to baccarat in terms of game mechanics, we're actually dealing with two very different games. What's more, many players with years of blackjack experience are constantly confused by the rules when playing baccarat. Firstly, the two games have different ways of determining the value of the cards. Secondly, when playing baccarat, you'd be betting on a player, banker or tie, whereas in blackjack, you're playing against the dealer (though a tie is still possible). Finally, the payout odds are also different. We recommend that you try each game individually or focus on just one, to get really good results with it. 


So, online blackjack is an exciting game of both skill and chance that's really worth your attention. There are many myths about blackjack that have nothing to do with the real game. You can debunk many of these myths by playing blackjack at a reliable Arabic online casino. Even if you don't have any online gambling experience, you can try blackjack for free to get the hang of the game without risking your hard-earned cash.

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