Casino games

Casino games


The rise of online casinos has awarded players two main things, convenience to play casino games and a wider variety of casino games for players to enjoy.

Therefore, there has been a shift over the past 10 years or so which has seen more and more people move away from playing at real-world casinos and opting to go online for their casino thrills. This page details all you need to know about playing different casino games and where to find them.

On our page, you will find a wide variety of different casino games of all different shapes and sizes, whether that is slots or traditional casino games.

While what we look for in each of these different styles of casino games differs slightly depending on how the game should function, overall, there are three different elements that we look for in all our casino games, regardless of format.


The first thing we look at is the aesthetic feel of the game. We like to make sure the graphics are of the highest quality and when combined with the sound that the game’s design makes for an immersive experience overall.

It is ideal if a game can provide the same experience as one would get if they were playing in a living breath casino. As such, attention to detail is key. There is a balance, however. As if there is too much going on visually, and it becomes distracting, or the sound effects are overwhelming and become annoying, then it is not a plus.


Gameplay should be fluid and the dynamic of the game should flow with even more ease than you would find at a real-world casino. Gameplay should unfold quickly and there shouldn’t be long waiting or loading times.

It should allow for a convenient and seamless playing experience while maintaining the same thrills as you would get in a real-world online casino.


When it comes to creating a casino game for the online domain, there should always be something unique about the game that makes it stand out from the rest.

There are loads of game providers, all creating the same games, so if a game really wants to stand out, then it should add a new element to the experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

This is particularly important for slots, but also for online casino card games or other casino games that are very popular, such as blackjack and roulette.

Game developers of blackjack, for example, have created unique options like Zappit blackjack or blackjack Switch, while those involved in roulette have created games such as double wheel and lightening roulette to mix things up.

Play free casino games and learn how to play

If you are just starting out playing at online casinos, then we would recommend playing free online casino games first and play for fun first. The reason for hunting out free casino games to play for fun first is to ensure you do not waste unnecessary funds learning how to play the game.

When you play free casino games, there is no card and no deposit required, so there is nothing at risk. As such, you can have a few goes on the game for free and then see how it works and all the features you need to be successful.

Then, once you have mastered the gameplay, you can put money into your account and then be playing much more successfully and see returns on your gameplay much quicker. It also gives you the opportunity to know what games you are good at and which ones you like before committing money to a game.

Most free games are without downloading, so you just play them directly on your browser and are quick to use.

You should also look into playing free casinos games with a no deposit bonus, such as free spins for slots or cash bonuses and free bets for table games. This will allow you to enjoy short periods of free casino gameplay without committing your own funds, while also allowing you to win money as you play.

Play casino games with real money

Once you have mastered a free casino game, it is now time to play casino games with real money. This is what casinos are all about and the sooner you get started playing casino games with real money the better, as the excitement and reward are much higher.

The best games to begin playing with real money are slots, blackjack and roulette, as these have super easy to understand gameplay and thus, are the most lucrative for beginners. They generally have lower stakes, too, so you can walk before you run by playing with small amounts. Then, after a while, you can build up your stake and slowly increase the level of enjoyment of the gameplay.

At this stage, you should consider getting a casino games bonus. Casino games bonuses will usually require a deposit but can see you get a lot more playtime for your money.

This is thanks to deposit bonus deals, whereby they equal your deposit by a set percentage. The best example is a 100% bonus up to £100, which is a commonly found casino games bonus. This will award you with double your money to get off to a great start playing casino games with real money. There are also free bets and free spins to claim through this too. Ultimately, it just gives you more playtime for your coin.

Casino games from the best game providers

When searching for casino games, you need to find a top game provider, sometimes referred to as game developers. What these are is essentially the people who have brought the game to life. The best game providers offer a plethora of great games in all shapes and sizes and give you a diverse range of casino gaming options.

The most well-known is NetEnt, a Swedish company with over 20 years of experience in the casino game business. They are very much a one-stop-shop for casino games, as they offer slots, table games, such as blackjack and roulette, and live casino options, i.e. games played with the use of a real-life dealer over a live stream.

While they are one of the few game developers who are a triple threat and offer all the three core groups of casino games, they aren’t the only name you can trust. Microgaming and Play N Go for example, also provide some top-quality slot and tables games, while Evolution Gaming are live casino specialists and thus, are your go-to for real world casino experience.

However, this is just to name a few of the big players in the game providing business and there are a wide selection of names you can trust, with varying expertise and experience. If you head over to our game developer page, you will find all you need to know about the people behind online casino games.

Why should you play casino games?

Casino games are great for offering you two primary benefits that are intrinsic to human nature. Excitement and money. These are the two fundamental elements of why casino games have been a popular pastime for over a hundred years now, long before online casinos could even be fathomed.

The excitement of playing casino games comes in the fast-paced, high octane thrill that they provide during gameplay. There is truly something memorizing about watching the reels of a slot game or the wheel on a roulette machine spin and land on the perfect place for you to win big.

Or playing a hand perfectly so that you walk away from a table, leaving the dealer and the other players in your wake as you stroll off to cash out. Both these feelings are hard to match anywhere else.

While when it comes to money, it is the reward that makes that excitement so much greater. You can start a casino game with £5 and walk away with 100x as much in a short period of time.

Making it an awesome way to make money quickly and easily, once you have mastered the game. Even losses are part of this, as they too bring up emotions that you hardly get anywhere else. With these two things combined, it is no surprise that casino games get your endorphins flowing.

However, while these are great reasons to play casino games, it is also worth bearing in mind that they are all about fun and having a good time at the end of the day. This is why you shouldn’t let either the excitement or the money go to your head, and you should always concentrate on playing for fun. Remember, when the fun stops, you too should stop.

New casino games

The landscape of casinos is always changing, with new casino game sites and new casino games dropping all the time. The latter of these two things are always very much enjoyable, as they can breathe a breath of fresh air into your casino experience as you experience new features, new designs or even new gameplay to your tried and trust way of playing.

It is always worth checking out the new games on the market, as they will usually provide unique designs and innovative features that improve your casino gaming for the better. To stay up to date with this, check out our news page for all you need to know about new casino game sites and new casino games hitting the market.

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