All you need to know about Live Casinos

All you need to know about Live Casinos


Why do bonuses always have to be focused around slots?

We’re happy to report that that’s actually a trick question because they’re not – Live Casino Bonuses exist!

Lots of casinos offer specific promotions for players who prefer fast table action over clicking slot machine spin buttons again and again.

The most common of these are free bets that can be used on either some or all of a casino’s games. These will generally be around £5-£20 which can be used to play a few live dealer blackjack hands, spinning a live roulette wheel, or enjoying other live games you may be partial to playing.

Sometimes casino sites will even offer no deposit bonuses which give you a chance to try out their live casino games, without having to deposit any funds. Some sites may also offer cash bonus deals whereby they match your deposit by a certain percentage.

For example, some casinos may offer you a live dealer bonus of 100% up to £100, which will allow you to double your money up to £100 – doubling your bankroll.

The world wide web is filled with casinos all promising that their bonuses are the best – and this is where we come in. On this page, we’ve separated the wheat from the chaff to present you with the creme de la creme.

All these bonuses will be accompanied by detailed reviews so you can read all about the casinos behind the bonuses, so you can see if they suit you.

Via a live casino stream, you get all the sights and sounds of a real-world casino and play with real cards dealt by a real dealer and play against real players. All from the comfort of your own home.

Live Casino: Living The Dream

Apart from finding you the best casinos offering an awesome range of live casino games – we’ve also put together some pretty nifty guides to help you play at each one.

You’ll find a whole variety of different live casino strategy guides that will help you, regardless of your playing experience.

We have guides that range from beginner level, introducing each game and giving an overview of the basic do’s and don’ts, to expert level – complete with strategies for more practised hands.

With this in mind, whether you are looking to try live casino games for the first time, improve your skills on your preferred choice or try something new, our guides will assist you every step of the way and help you maximise your winning potential.

Live Casino Games Vs Landbased Casino Games

By far and large, the biggest benefit of playing live casino games is the fact that they bridge the gap between real-world and virtual casinos. While, of course, virtual casinos are great and offer pretty comprehensive gambling experiences – playing against a computer can feel less real and can get tiresome over time.

Live casinos remedy this. Via a live casino stream, you get all the sights and sounds of a real-world casino, all from the comfort of your own home.

On top of this, there are also often more playing options due to the larger amount of space on offer at online casinos, plus the benefits of getting a live casino bonus which you wouldn’t get at a real-world casino.

However, while these live dealer games come very close to flawlessly mimicking real-life casinos, they still don’t exactly provide the all-important social aspect.

Having a few beers and playing Blackjack with your mates in Las Vegas is surely going to be more fun than playing by yourself at a virtual table – unless your mates are pretty dull…

Popular Live Casino Games

When you search for these live games, it will quickly become apparent that they’re all pretty much carbon copies of those in real-world casinos. However, you’ll certainly find a wider selection of tables online than you would in one single casino.

Live Roulette

Roulette is a game that has become synonymous with casino gaming. For those who don’t know, the players in this game bet on where a ball will land after it’s spun around a wheel. However, this is understating it a lot, so you should visit our Roulette page to find out everything about this game.

This classic casino game has fast, intense gameplay and is easy to learn and hard to master. Playing Live Roulette can be pretty intense due to the inclusion of a real-life wheel spinning, which provides the same high-octane action you get at bricks and mortar casinos.

Online you will find plenty of options for playing live roulette, with nearly all online casino offering it. These will include numerous options for the classic game, including high stakes wheels.

However, it is also possible to find Immersive roulette, designed to make the gameplay more exciting, and lightening roulette, where random numbers will be struck with lightning to boost wins.

Live Blackjack

Online Blackjack is another super popular game which is also super easy to get into. Essentially, the aim of the game is to get 21 or just high enough to beat the dealer, who has the same goal. There are a few other factors to consider, but this is essentially the game in a nutshell.

Unlike Poker, you don’t directly compete against other players with this card game – everyone independently faces off against the dealer. Blackjack has the best odds of any casino game, so it’s obviously very popular – meaning you’ll always find Live Casino tables to play at.

There are a multitude of variations of it, but usually, these are virtual, not live. However, you may find other variations such as Salon Prive Blackjack and Blackjack Party, not to mention dozens of VIP tables. If a casino has a live casino, then live blackjack will almost definitely be in it.

Live Baccarat

Baccarat live casino games are also very common. This classic casino game has one of the fastest gameplay experiences around. It is similar to Blackjack in the sense that the goal is to reach a certain number (in Baccarat’s case it’s 9).

It is a great game thanks to its simplicity and fast-paced gameplay and also, there are numerous variations out there. While there may not be as many Baccarat tables as Blackjack and Roulette – it still gets the bronze medal for being the 3rd most popular live game out there.

Live Poker

Poker can take many forms in online casinos, but the most common option is Texas Hold’em, sometimes referred to as Casino Hold’em. However, there are also options for 3 Card Poker or Caribbean Stud offered by different live casino providers.

Depending on which one you play, the dynamic works differently. With some pitting you against players, while others will pit you against the dealer. As such, you should try a few out and see which one you prefer the most, but they all share the same perks.

These require more skill than some games available that are more luck-based, they have many more complex elements to the game and of course, there is a good variety to choose from.
Poker games, generally, can see you earn the biggest wins though. All forms of poker are much less common at live dealer casinos than blackjack or roulette, but you should find one or two versions at most casinos.

Other Live Games

While these are the most common classic games that have been made into live casino options, there are also other live games online that you wouldn’t see in a real-world casino.

One quite common one is Dream Catcher. This sees you bet on a game show wheel, which is spun by a studio host in real-time. It’s similar to roulette – in that you’re betting on numbers on a wheel, but there are generally only 6 numbers to pick from and each gives out bigger wins, depending on their rarity on the wheel.

A more recent addition to the world of live gameplay is Live Football Studio, which is a football-themed show that uses just two cards. You bet on the outcome of these cards to get a Home Win, Away Win or Draw.

This occurs while real football matches happen in the background which the dealer discusses and reacts to as the games go on.

You’re able to add your own input via live chat, which allows football fans to enjoy some banter while playing

A similar concept is games that are based on other elements of pop-culture, such as the Deal or No Deal and Monopoly live games. In the Deal or No Deal game, you pick a briefcase which will contain a multiplier, then, like the real-world game, you need to try to beat the banker and work out if the remaining briefcases are higher than the banker’s offers.

The Monopoly game works in a similar way to Dream Catcher, but with a monopoly theme and more options, such as Chance or 2 & 4 rolls.

All of these put casino gameplay on their head, and while the gameplay isn’t as diverse and interesting as in classic games like Roulette, Blackjack and Poker, they are a great way to enjoy a few chilled punts – that require very little effort or brainpower.

Best Game Providers For Live Casino Games

Live Casino games are big, so every game provider worth its salt is

On the market, depending on which live casino you enter, the gaming providers will vary. Some top providers can be found at nearly every online casino, while others will seldom pop-up. Knowledge about them all is handy though so you know what is on the market for you to enjoy.

Evolution Gaming

It’s fair to say that Evolution Gaming is the market leader in live casino games. This is thanks to the fact that their service is exclusively dedicated to table games, as opposed to many other companies who only publish them as a side project – while they focus on publishing slot after slot.

Every single live game we have mentioned so far will be available on Evolution Gaming and, on top of that, the Live Football Studio, Dreamcatcher and Monopoly games were all their brainchildren.

They have partnerships with all the biggest casino names in the business, and you will find their games on offer at the majority of casinos online.

You can also take these games wherever you go on your mobile, with mobile optimisation being an integral part of their service.


NetEnt is probably the second most popular game provider in the business and many casinos offer their games. Their live catalogue is made up of all the biggest games, with live blackjack, live roulette, live baccarat and two types of live poker.

For the first two of these games, there is also the option for HD streams, as well as a variation on a popular alternative: Common Draw Blackjack. You can also play NetEnt’s live blackjack and roulette on the go too via your mobile.


BetGames are different in their approach to live casino as they put an emphasis on luck-focused games like lotteries dice, wheels of fortune and a game known as War of Bets, where you play against the dealer and attempt to get the highest ranked cards. These are top services if you are looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary, whether at home or on the go on their mobile and tablet supported services.

There’s a big downside though – their games are seldom seen at online casinos, so you’ll have to hunt them down.


Ezugi offers 18 different live casino games and specialises in creating niche variations on table classics like Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat. These include their games – Hybrid Blackjack, OTT Roulette and Knockout Baccarat.

You can take these special live games on the go, as they’ve been perfectly optimised for mobile use. Finally, Ezugi also offer games such as Bet on Numbers and Live Keno, which aren’t commonly seen.

Extreme Live Gaming

Extreme Live Gaming offers a couple of services but their most extensive service is Live Roulette. They have multiple versions including their flagship product, Golden Ball Roulette, that rewards big bets with a special Golden Ball bonus. The provider has also created Reel Roulette, Club Roulette and Auto Roulette.

As well as this they offer a blackjack table and a baccarat table. All of their games are ready for mobile gameplay, but they are a bit of a rarity to find at online casinos to be fair.


While Microgaming are up there as one of the best slot providers, they trail behind a bit in terms of live dealer games.

They offer Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Sic Bo and Casino hold’em, but their stand out product is their Playboy live dealer options, which make the gameplay a little saucier. You can find their games at well over 100 brands whether you are playing on a desktop or on your phone.


There was a time when Playtech was the go-to for live dealer games but this is no longer the case as newer companies have risen up to take top dog status. This is not to say that Playtech’s games aren’t good quality, and their games are still on the books of some of the biggest names in the casino industry today.

They offer blackjack, unlimited and prestige, roulette, including speed roulette, baccarat, mini and squeeze, casino hold’em, hi-o, sic bo, all of which include 20 different side bets and can be enjoyed on-the-go.

Lucky Streak

Lucky Streak are another provider that’s big on roulette, offering a total of 6 roulette wheels to partake in, alongside 4 blackjack tables and 1 baccarat table.

However, perhaps due to the lack of variety, this is a provider you will be hard pushed to find online, but if you do, you can take their service wherever you go on your mobile as the well-designed games operate the same on the move as they do on the desktop.

The Differences Between Live Casino Software

The biggest difference between Providers, as you might have noticed, is the game selection. Some providers dedicate their service to specific games, while others tend to offer a more comprehensive selection.

As such, if you are a massive fan of one type of game over others then you should find a casino with that speciality as they will have more styles of gameplay. You will also find that different providers offer different side bets on their games too, which is worth considering if you want to spice up gameplay.

Quality can also be a consideration, but this is less of an issue now. In yesteryear, some providers would offer higher quality streams, but in the modern age, technology has evolved so now all should offer top-quality, HD streams that offer the optimal gameplay experience.

The only exception being would be down to your region, as this can still affect streams. Other than this, the other considerations are different dealers, different felts or designs and also, different participants who play at these casino games that you may face-off against.

Why Play Live Casino Games?

  • Real-World Experience
  • Larger Variety Playing Options
  • İnterest Side Bets
  • Convenient
  • Bonuses
  • Play Wherever, Whenever
  • Varying Bet Levels
  • VIP Tables
  • Unique Designs
  • Friendly and Helpful Details


Hopefully, this page has been effective in communicating to you the many benefits offered up by live casinos and you are ready to dive into the exciting world of live dealer games. They are a great way to enjoy convenient casino gameplay, but still, maintain the thrills and should be a consideration for all players, new and old.

Frequently asked about Live Casino

Below you’ll find answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

What Is A Live Casino Game?

Live casino games can be found at online casinos and are played via a live stream, with the action being run by real dealers who operate the games, as opposed to a computer.

There may also be other players at the same table too from elsewhere in the world. Essentially, it is all the activity of a real-world casino happening over a live stream.

Where Can I Play Live Casino Games?

Live dealer games are now available at the majority of online casinos based in Europe, so it shouldn’t be too much work to find a casino with a decent selection of these games.

What Games Can I Play At Live Casinos?

You can play all the classic casino games, such as roulette, blackjack, poker and more, as well as unique games developed by the industry's top providers.

Can I Play Live Casino Games For Free?

Considering that casino game providers need to provide live dealers for these games, and because the tables are open to real players – free versions of Live Casino games aren’t really viable. Some casinos do offer Live Casino specific Welcome Bonuses that will allow you to play with a bonus.

What Are The Most Popular Live Casino Games?

The most popular live casino games are Live Roulette or Live Blackjack. When browsing most casino’s selection of Live games, you’ll most likely find multiple roulette and blackjack tables.

Are Live Casino Games Rigged?

No. All live casino games are monitored by a third-party regulator, plus all live casino game action happens before your eyes.

What is Live Immersive Roulette?

Live Immersive Roulette is a live roulette game designed with more sound effects, complex camera angles and other effects to make the game more immersive. Hence the name.

Where Are The Live Casino Games Streamed From?

Live casinos will either be streamed from a special tailor-made live casino studio or directly from a real-world casino. It depends on the provider.

Can I Talk With Live Dealers?

Yes, most live dealer games offer a live chat service so you can speak to dealers directly.

Can Live Dealers See Me?

Some providers have a two way camera feature, yes, but you can also turn this option off depending on your preference.

What Languages Are Used At Live Casinos?

Most languages are available, but different providers may offer different languages on their games.

How Do I Know It’s Safe To Play At A Live Casino?

All live casinos are regulated and licensed by third-party gambling bodies, who ensure nothing untoward happens.

Why Doesn’t My Casino Have Live Casino Games?

This could be because they simply don’t offer the service, as some do not. However, it could also be due to location restrictions. Contact your casino to find out.

Why Aren’t Live Casino Games Available 24/7?

Well, some are, but yes, not all. This depends on the provider, as they may not have the staff or it may not be cost-efficient to keep them open all night when there are minimal players. However, you can definitely find live casino games that are open 24/7.

What Is The Difference Between Live Casino And Online Casino Games?

Most online casino games are automatic, meaning you’re facing off against the computer. The key difference with Live games is that you’re facing off against a real croupier.

Can I Get A Live Casino Bonus?

Yes, many sites offer live casino bonuses, usually free bets or match bonuses.

Can I Play Live Casino On Mobile?

Yes, nearly every provider offers their games on mobile too.

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