7 Craps Tips for Beginners to Avoid Common Mistakes

7 Craps Tips for Beginners to Avoid Common Mistakes


If you look at online casino games, you will find that online slots and online roulette dominate. What attracts Arab players to online slots is their straightforward rules. All you have to do is simply decide on a betting amount and start spinning the reels. Although roulette is a slightly more complicated game at first sight, you can achieve good results even with just Outside Bets. Online Craps is a game similar in some respects to both roulette and online slots. Firstly, it's as simple as slots, as the dice decide the outcome. Secondly, it offers a wide range of betting options similar to roulette. However, the somewhat convoluted gaming rules of craps put off many Arab players. As seasoned gamblers tell us, craps can be either terrible or excellent, depending on what you're betting. Apart from that, to turn craps into a great gambling option that brings you excitement and cash rewards, you must understand the math behind the game. We're here to give you 7 tips to help beginners get up to speed.

Choose the Right Online Casino

We'll give you 6 more tips below, but they don't make any sense if you're playing at a bad gambling website. Lack of license, poor design, incompatibility with mobile devices, payment delays and poor service quality in general are all elements of a bad online casino. However, you're here to have the best online craps experience, aren't you? Then, start by looking for the best gambling destination. Here are a few things you need to look out for when choosing a good Arabic online craps casino:

  • Make sure that the online casino you choose is trustworthy. Start by checking the license. Arabian punters may breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the gambling website is licensed by Curacao eGaming, MGA or UKGC, three of the perhaps most respected regulators in the industry. Also, be sure to check what measures the operator has taken to protect your personal and financial data - having an SSL certificate is a must.
  • Take a look at the games collection. Online casinos powered by Microgaming, Playetech, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play and several other well-known names will certainly earn your trust. However, browse through the casino's gaming collection for available versions of craps - the more variety, the better.
  • Available payment methods and cash out rates. Arabic players prefer various payment instruments, including bank cards, e-wallets and even cryptocurrencies. Make sure all of these payment methods are on the list supported by the casino of your choice. Also, make sure that you will receive your payouts in a short time and in full by reviewing player reviews of the online casino.

Another thing you should pay attention to is the support service. Even a perfect iGaming platform can fail from time to time. And that means you should be able to resolve any problems that arise in a timely manner. So, if you want to feel like you're in a protected environment when you play online craps, then VipArabClub might be your best bet. With a huge gaming collection including a wide selection of craps games, fast and easy cashouts, as well as a reliable and responsive support team that is available 24/7, VipArabClub is highly popular with Arabian craps enthusiasts.

Learn the Basic Rules of the Game First

Although craps is all about the rolling dice, you'll see a rather complicated betting layout that you need to understand. If you don't understand how things work at the table, you'll turn craps into a gambling option with a huge house advantage. The game involves two hexagonal numbered dice. First the shooter (the participant who is responsible for rolling the dice) makes a Come out, i.e., the first roll. Then, depending on what the dice show, the point is set or the player collects the payout for the Pass Line bet. If the point is set, the shooter makes another roll and you win or lose depending on the final result. The point of the game is to pick the right bet. While the betting options available seem complicated, you'll learn them faster if you play online craps often enough.

Start with Low-Risk Betting

So, once you know the basic rules of the game, it's time to explore the betting options available. Pass and Come and Don't Pass and Don't Come are bets that you must fully understand. Furthermore, there are several craps strategies based on using these bets. Please note that Pass and Come bets come with a 1.4% house advantage, making them the least risky option. If you are new to online craps, Pass and Come bets are the place to start. However, these bets pay 1:1 if you win, so they won't make you fabulously rich.

Try 'Play for Free' Games

In land-based casinos, you had to deal with physical dice, a table and a real shooter. However, online casinos such as VipArabClub offer computerized craps, where all of the results are determined by a random number generator (RNG). Though playing RNG-based craps, you are left alone with the computer algorithm, there is an important advantage - you get to try out some versions of craps with no risk for your hard-earned money. Simply head over to the VipArabClub casino website, choose the table games section and click on the craps version you like. When you do, you will see a 'Play for Free' button which will launch the game in risk-free mode. You can play free craps anytime and anywhere you want with no deposit required. With free craps, you can quickly learn the rules of the game and understand the basic betting options so you approach the real money games prepared.

Find the Right Craps Table

By gradually improving your craps skills, you must progress to the next step in your development as a craps player. And that step is to learn how to choose the best kind of craps. There are several versions of craps with rules that differ slightly from one another. So, here are three popular variations of the dice game you are likely to come across at Arabic online casinos:

  • Simplified Craps. To make betting options simpler, this game uses only one dice instead of two. While you might be advised Simplified Craps as the best place to start, there are no standard bets such as Pass and Don't Pass. Because this changes the game, you are unlikely to get the experience with Simplified Craps that you need for a two-dice game.
  • High Point Craps. There are a few changes to the rules of the standard game here, which brings diversity to the gameplay. For example, twos and threes lead to a shooter rolling the dice again. If the dice show 11 or 12, the shooter wins automatically. 
  • New York Craps. Let's start with the disappointing news: at New York Craps, there is a 5% commission on payouts. Also, some of the standard bets such as Come and Place are not available here. However, this game focuses on a box of numbers you have to guess. Finally, New York Craps has a higher house advantage, making it a riskier game and therefore not a good option for beginners.

If you want to understand how they work, you can play these games in risk-free play mode so that you don't put your money at risk in games with which you are not yet familiar.

Try Your Hands at Live Craps

If you are experienced in offline craps, then the live dealer version is the right one for you. There are plenty of experienced Arabian craps players who distrust RNG-based games for a variety of reasons. If you're skeptical of online craps, then the live dealer counterpart is the way to go. What's more, live craps is an option that ensures you have an authentic experience without having to leave your home. You only have to spend a few minutes getting to grips with the live craps control panel before you are forced into the thick of the action.

Manage Your Gambling Budget Wisely

While live craps may offer some of the highest winning odds with the casino edge tending towards zero, luck is still on the house side. This means that there is always a risk of losing your hard-earned money. To avoid losing too much, stick to the following tips and rules:

  • Allocate funds that you are willing to part with during a gaming session and stay within that limit.
  • Set a time limit on the length of your playing sessions, and get out of the game on time.
  • Place low-risk bets, such as Pass Line and Come.
  • Do not bet more than 10% of your bankroll per game round.
  • Avoid betting systems based on numerical sequences, as they can be devastating to your bankroll.

Finally, remember that craps is a very entertaining game, and you may find it difficult to concentrate and plan your budget properly. So, take online craps as seriously as possible to avoid spending too much, and bet with cold feet avoiding the temptation to win back losses at all costs.

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