5 Minute Guide to Craps for Those Unfamiliar with the Casino Game

5 Minute Guide to Craps for Those Unfamiliar with the Casino Game


Craps is a popular casino game with its roots going back to 19th century New Orleans. While online slots, live roulette and online blackjack are always on the lips of Arabic gambling enthusiasts, craps receive slightly less attention, and wrongly so. First, it's a terrific game, with exciting gameplay that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours. Secondly, craps casino games have fairly simple rules. While this gambling option can seem a little confusing at first, spending a few minutes learning how to do it will allow you to make your first roll of the dice. Thirdly, craps games offer pretty high payouts. By placing a high bet, you'll be able to multiply it if the dice show the correct numbers. 

To play craps, you need numbered hex dice and a craps table. But thanks to the rise of the online gambling industry, you can play craps from the comfort of your own home. There is also a mobile-friendly craps game, which is played well on smartphones and tablets. Making two winning bets doesn't make you a craps pro, as the element of luck plays an important part. However, you should start by learning the rules of the game so you can understand what's going on at the craps table. We're here to give you all the knowledge you need to play craps at Arab online casinos

Craps Beginners Guide

Tables with complicated layouts and tricky bets are factors that put newcomers away from craps. However, all you have to do is read a quick game guide to start playing and winning at online craps. And we'll begin our 5-minute guide with the basic rules and terms. 

Basic Rules and Terms

The game of craps begins with the come-out roll, the first roll of the dice. The player called the shooter is responsible for that. If you are playing live craps, the dealer will do the roll of the dice. In RNG-based craps, you simply click the Roll button and the RNG will do the rest of the legwork for you. When the dice stop moving, they may show one of three possible results as indicated below:

  • Natural. This means that the total number of points shown by the dice is 7 or 11. These are lucky numbers for you, as they award payouts in the game.
  • Craps. This is bad news for you, as 2, 3 and 12 are losing numbers. If any of these are rolled, your bet goes to the casino.
  • Point. This means that the dice showed any number other than the ones marked above. Once you hit such a number, you must roll the dice again. Your goal is the same number as led to Point but formed by other numbers. If successful, you win and receive a payout. 

Keep in mind that if you hit a Point and your next roll results in a 7, you have lost. In this case, 7 is no longer a lucky number for you. Hopefully, the information above has been absorbed. We now move on to the craps betting rules. 

How to Bet at Craps

As well as dice and numbers, you'll find a lot of obscure markings on the craps table. This means that it is not enough to know how to 'shoot' the dice and estimate the result. You also need to know the rules of craps betting to play it in a meaningful way. Since this is a guide for non-gamblers, we won't go into the fine details. Fortunately, today's internet is an almost limitless library of information, including about craps. What's more, you can find online trainers to master the game straight into practice. So, here are a few basic betting options with which you can play craps to the fullest:

  • Pass or Don't Pass. By selecting the Pass Line option, you are essentially betting that the shooter will hit the Natural or the Point before the 7 is rolled. The Don't Pass option is a bet on the opposite, i.e. the shooter loses.
  • Come or Don't Come. These betting options are only available when the shooter hits the Point. In order to win on a Come bet, you need the shooter to hit Natural. If the Point is hit again, you win if you hit the Point and lose if you hit 7. Don't Come works about the same as Don't Pass, which means you bet on the opposite.
  • Proposition. This is a group of one-roll bets including 6 different options - Any Seven (you need to hit 7 to win), Any Craps (numbers 2,3 and 12 are considered winning), Ace Deuce (payout for hitting 3), Aces (number 2 is winning), Boxcars (you need to hit 12), and Horn (2, 3, 11 and 12 are winning numbers). The fewer numbers the bet covers, the higher the payout ratio. 

The options listed above are the basic bets in craps. They are enough to enjoy the game and win good money. However, there are several additional betting options that will diversify your gambling experience:

  • Field. This is a one-roll bet where you win if the dice show 2-4 or 9-12, otherwise, your bet goes to the casino.
  • Place. This bet is only available when Point is established. Any numbers up to 7 on the next roll are the winning ones.
  • Big 6 and Big 8. With these options, you bet on the dice showing 6 or 8 respectively, before the 7 is rolled. 

The bets listed above are paid 1:1. Which means that if you win, you will receive double your bet as a prize. 

Practicing Craps Online

So, the information above is enough to make you feel comfortable in craps. However, the theory is nothing if you don't know how to apply it in practice. To get used to the different types of bets available and their payouts, play free online craps at some Arabic online casinos. The VipArabClub website, for instance, offers RNG-based craps. To play it without any risk, just click the 'Play for Free' button and enjoy the action. As a mobile-friendly Arabic casino, VipArabClub also offers mobile craps that you can play on the go. 

The highlight of craps is the low house advantage of 1.4%. However, with a basic strategy, you can reduce this advantage even further. According to some players, the basic strategy of craps is even more effective than the basic strategy of online blackjack. Finally, there are online casino bonuses available that can also be used on craps. By picking a good bonus, you can practice while betting with real money. 

Avoid Beginner's Mistakes

One of the reasons why craps games are not as popular as online slots or live roulette is that almost any mistake you make can cost you money. Many beginners watch how others play and try to copy them. However, they also repeat the mistakes they make. For example, many players are afraid to bet against a shooter thinking the shooter has an advantage in the game. Actually, the odds of both betting on and against the shooter are about equal. 

Another mistake is neglecting the Don't Pass bet. This bet actually offers pretty high winning odds, so include it in your betting arsenal. Also, some beginners choose Field, Place or Big6/Big8 bets as they seem to be the easiest. However, as one-roll bets, they come with rather low winning odds. We recommend using these bets only occasionally. 

Remarkably, even experienced players make mistakes in craps. For instance, some punters think that betting systems like Martingale or Fibonacci can increase their chances of big winnings. However, since you need to double your bet if you lose, using a betting system can lead to big losses. 

Closing Thoughts

Rolling the dice can seem like a boring activity. However, everything changes when your dice roll bet can bring in a good payout. Although the craps table seems overwhelmed with unnecessary information, you will easily learn to read the layout once you understand the betting options available. Fortunately, there are only a few bets really worthy of your attention. Although you can opt for riskier betting options from time to time, do so solely to diversify your experience. Finally, thanks to internet technology, you can play craps online without risking anything. Once you improve your skills, you can switch to the real money version at any time.

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