3 Helpful Tips for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Roulette

3 Helpful Tips for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Roulette


With French roots dating back to around the Renaissance, roulette is one of the oldest gambling games. Despite its venerable age, it still draws crowds at online casinos. Back in the days when the online gambling industry was in its infancy, roulette was only available to Arabian players in a handful of versions. However, as the market has evolved and major players like Evolution Gaming or Playtech have emerged, the roulette game portfolio has become much more diversified. 

While online casino roulette became more and more similar to land-based casino games, advanced versions with faster gameplay or modified wheels (like Mini Roulette for example) also appeared. However, Playtech has gone a step further in their experimentation and has introduced Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Roulette (Millionaire Roulette), the game that combines the popular TV show and a Quantum version of roulette. Below we are going to explain Millionaire Roulette and also give you 3 helpful tips on how to become a better roulette player. 

Millionaire Roulette Key Features

If Millionaire Roulette is something new to you, playing it can be a bit daunting. So, we've compiled a list of some exciting features and facts about this version of roulette - check them out below:

  • You will be interacting with a standard 37-pocket roulette wheel that has a single zero. This wheel is used in the European and French versions of the game.
  • You need to make Insider Bets to trigger the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire feature, with 1 to 10 numbers participating in the bonus mini-game. By getting into the pocket with the famous show logo, you will participate in a bonus game where you have to give the answers to 8-10 questions. There are two versions of the game show logo - bronze (8 questions with x750 maximum payout multiplier) and gold (10 questions with x2,000 maximum payout multiplier). There's also a pocket with an x100 multiplier - hit it to get an instant payout with a designated multiplier. Hitting a pocket with a "?" will give you a payout with a random multiplier (x50 or x100) or you can take part in a game show (5 rounds only) for payouts with a multiplier between x150 and x300.
  • To balance the odds, the provider has reduced the standard Straight Up payout ratio from 35:1 to 29:1. 

As for the bonus game itself, you have to give the right answer to each question. You will be presented with four possible answers, with only one of them being correct. Answering the questions right is like advancing up the multiplier ladder where each new correct answer increases your prize. Like a real game show, you will have a LifeLines (50:50, Ask the Host and Ask the Audience as well). 

How to Play the Bonus Round

While the main game is pretty much the same as European Roulette, there is a bonus round available that greatly increases the winning potential. When bets are placed, the host will randomly select between 1 and 10 numbers that will trigger the bonus game. Getting to any of these numbers will either earn you an extra payout multiplier or allow you to participate in the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire game show. The number of questions (5, 8 or 10) you have to answer depends on how the mini-game is triggered. 

Notably, during the first 3 or 5 rounds, the payout multipliers add up. In subsequent rounds, you will see boxes marked with "X". Once you hit such a box, you will immediately lose, so you need to avoid them. Your task is to answer all the questions correctly in order to reach the maximum multiplier and get a decent payout. In doing so, you have 3 LifeLines to make your job easier:

  • Ask the Audience. By selecting this option, you will turn to the virtual audience to help you choose the correct answer. Keep in mind that, just as in a real game show, the answer given by the audience is not always correct.
  • 50:50. With this option, you will eliminate the 2 wrong answers by leaving two choices alone. This means you have to solve the dilemma of which of the two answers is correct.
  • Ask the Host. As a result, the host will remove the answers with the lowest odds. However, keep in mind that the host is limited in what he can remove depending on your progress through the multiplier ladder. 

It is interesting to know that you will be able to qualify for the bonus game to get an extra multiplier or participate in the game show by making only Inside Bets. Known as higher odds bets, inside bets are also riskier than their Outside counterparts. In fact, Millionaire Roulette encourages you to take a higher risk, because there are many strategic roulette tips that advise against using Outside Bets. However, on the other hand, that risk can be justified, since if you're successful, you'll get a payout with an x2,000 multiplier. 

3 Tips to Improve Your Winning Odds

Obviously, by choosing Millionaire Roulette, you are aiming to win, not just check your knowledge. Keep in mind that the standard payouts have been cut as outlined above. If you simply want to play roulette with high odds, then we suggest you switch to the standard European version. But if you're willing to risk and try something new, Millionaire Roulette is the way to go. Let's face it, you're unlikely to get into the Millionaire number on the first try, so be prepared for extended playing sessions. Here are three strategic tips to increase your chances of winning this version of the game. 

#1 - Guaranteed to Hit the Millionaire Number

If participation in the game show is your main aim in playing Millionaire Roulette, there is a way to trigger the bonus game guaranteed. Simply bet on all of the Millionaire numbers in each game round. Keep in mind that this strategy is extremely risky, as you won't be able to win your bet back. It can work to quickly deplete your bankroll, so be prepared for heavy losses. However, with an x2,000 payout multiplier at stake, it might be worth the gamble. 

#2 - Partial Coverage of Millionaire Numbers

This strategy is preferred for two reasons. Firstly, you don't need to bet on all the numbers at once that might qualify you for the bonus game. Secondly, if your bet covers a substantial portion of the Millionaire numbers, your chances of running the game show are still high. However, to play effectively, you must learn rare betting patterns such as Tiers du Cylindre or Orphelins. Choose those patterns that cover the most numbers involved in qualifying for the bonus game. 

#3 - Low-Risk Strategy

According to this strategy, simply play Millionaire Roulette like any other version without getting hung up on the Millionaire numbers. This is not really a strategy at all, as there are no specific guidelines on what you should do. On the other hand, it is a tip that reminds you that roulette is a game for fun in the first place. Simply let chance decide for itself whether or not you will participate in the game show. Treat Millionaire Roulette like a jackpot slot. So, place non-risky bets more often, making only the occasional single attempt to activate the bonus feature. Finally, we wish your bankroll was enough for as many spins as possible for your best gambling experience.

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